Royal Rumble 2018

The 31st Edition of Royal Rumble is an upcoming pay-per-view of WWE. It will go live on 28 January 2018 at Wells Fargo Centerin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 31st Edition of Royal Rumble includes a first ever 30 Women’s Royal Rumble Match & it contains the Women’s of RAW & Smackdown Live. The winner of this match will go to Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans against either RAW Women’s Champion or Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Royal Rumble also include a second Royal Rumble match of Men as always, winner of this match go to the main event of biggest event of the year Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble Match Card

  • Men’s Royal Rumble match

30 Men will fight for a Championship match at Wrestlemania 34 & that match include superstars of Smackdown Live & RAW. This match start with two superstars & each new superstar will enter after two minutes. The Elimination occurs when the superstar threw out of the ring over the top rope & his both feet touch the floor. This match continues until only one superstar left in the ring & he will be the winner & get opportunity at Wrestlemania.

WWE Royal Rumble

Participants of 2018 Men’s  Royal Rumble :  Finn Balor , Elias , John Cena , Shinsuke Nakamura , Apollo Crews , Randy Orton , Titus O Neil , Rusev , Aiden English , Bray Wyatt , Baron Corbin , The Miz , Matt Hardy.

  • Women’s Royal Rumble Match

31st Edition of Royal Rumble will be the biggest of all time as it include a first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. Rules & prize of this match is same as Men’s Royal Rumble match.

For this epic Royal Rumble match Stephanie McCmahon the Commissioner of RAW would join the Commentary table.

WWE , Royal Rumble

Participants of 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match: Sasha Banks , Becky Lynch , Bayley , Nia Jax , Asuka , Mickie James , Tamina , Sarah Logan , Liv Morgan , Ruby Riott , Naomi , Dana Brooke , Lana , Natalya , Carmella , Alicia Fox , Mandy Rose , Sonya Deville.

(c) – refers to the defending champion


  • 2-out-of-3 falls match for Smackdown Live tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) v/s the duo of Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin.




  • RAW Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan (c) v/s The Bar ( Sheamus & Cesaro).
  • 2-on-1 Handicapped Match for WWE Championship title: AJ Styles (c) v/s Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn .
  • Triple Threat Match for Universal Championship: “The Beast” Brock Lesnar (c) V/s “The Red Machine” Kane V/s “Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman.


Kick Off Shows

  1. United States Championship Open Challenge
  2. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson v/s The Revival 
  3. Kalisto , Gran Metalik & El Dorado v/s TJP , Drew Ghulak & Jack Gallagher

Celebrity panelists announced

  1. Alexa Bliss – RAW Women’s Champion
  2. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Live Women’s Champion
  3. Ric Flair – WWE Hall of Famer & Charlotte’s Dad
  4. Alundra Blayze – WWE Hall of Famer

Royal Rumble Results

  • 30 Men Royal Rumble 2018 

Winner : Shinsuke Nakamura 

Entrant No. Superstar Eliminated By Eliminate at
1Rusev Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy 12
2Finn Balor John Cena26
3RhynoBaron Corbin 1
4Baron CorbinFinn Balor 2
5Heath SlaterBray Wyatt 4
6Elias John Cena 14
7Cien AlmasRandy Orton 17
8Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy 13
9Big E Jinder Mahal 8
10Tye Dillinger but replaced by Sami Zayn Shinsuke Nakamura 5
11Sheamus Heath Slater 3
12Xavier Woods Jinder Mahal 7
13 Apollo CrewsCesaro6
14Shinsuke Nakamura Winner
15Cesaro Seth Rollins 9
16Kofi Kingston Cien Almas 11
17Jinder Mahal Kofi Kingston 10
18Seth Rollins Roman Reigns21
19Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt 13
20John Cena Shinsuke Nakamura27
21The Hurricane John Cena 15
22Aiden English Finn Balor 16
23Adam Cole Rey Mysterio 18
24Randy Orton Roman Reigns 24
25Titus O Neil Roman Reigns 19
26The Miz Roman Reigns20
27Rey MysterioFinn Balor 25
28Roman Reigns Shinsuke Nakamura 28
29Goldust Dolph Ziggler 22
30Dolph Ziggler Finn Balor23
  • 30 Women Royal Rumble 2018

Winner : Asuka 

  • Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship

Winner : The Usos 

  • RAW Tag Team Championship

Winner : Sheamus & Cesaro

  • United States Open Challenge

Winner : Bobby Roode 

  • 2 on 1 Handicapped Match for WWE Championship

Winner : AJ Styles 

  • Triple Threat Universal Championship 

Winner : Brock Lesnar 



Mixed Match Challenge: Full Tournament Brackets

Mixed Match Challenge

Mixed match challenge will first air on 16 January 2018 only on Facebook. Full tournament bracket of Mixed match challenge has been revealed by WWE. This premiere will include 12 rounds. Six first rounds will go head to head against RAW teams & Smackdown Live teams. In semi finals every eliminated team has a second chance to come back in competition through fan votes.  On 16 January 2018 premiere Natalya & Shinsuke Nakamura will collide in head to head competition against Sasha Banks & Finn Balor.

Full Tournament Bracket

MMC bracket

1st Week: Duo of Natalya & Shinsuke Nakamura v/s Duo of Sasha Banks & Finn Balor

2nd Week: Duo of Carmella & Big E v/s Asuka & The Miz

3rd Week: Duo of Becky Lynch & Sami Zayn v/s Duo of Alexa Bliss (RAW Women’s Champion) & Monster among Men Braun Strowman

4th Week: Duo of Naomi & Jimmy Uso (Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion) v/s Alicia Fox & Goldust

5th Week: Duo of Lana & Rusev V/s Duo of Bayley & Elias

6th Week: Duo of Charlotte Flair (Smackdown Live Women’s Champion) & Bobby Roode v/s Nia Jax & Apollo Crews.


WWE Mixed match challenge supports 12 Charities. The team who will win this competition will have opportunity to gave the prize money of $1,oo,ooo  to a charity of their choice. Each team already decided the charities whom they want to give prize money after winning this 12 week tournament.Lets take look at charities supported by WWE through Mixed match challenge.


Charities Represented By
Connors Cure Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman
Global CitizenRusev & Lana
AmericaresBayley & Elias
Special OlympicsSasha Banks & Finn Balor
Boys & Girls Clubs of AmericaJimmy Uso & Naomi
Hire Heroes USAAlicia Fox & Goldust
Make-A-WishNatalya & Shinsuke Nakamura
Girl UpCharlotte Flair & Bobby Roode
UnicefSami Zayn & Becky Lynch
Rescue Dogs RockAsuka & The Miz
KaBOOM!Big E & Carmella
Susan G. Komen’sNia Jax & Apollo Crews



Facebook Premiere : Mixed Match Challenge

Mixed Match Challenge

WWE mixed match challenge is an upcoming PPV or internet television series which will broadcast on Facebook . In Mixed match challenge, two superstars (male & female) team up for a tag team elimination tournament. Superstars from both Smackdown Live & RAW are competing in this tournament .The team which win this tournament will get $1,00,000 to donate it to a  charity of their choice.
WWE mixed match challenge will premiere on 16 January 2018 exclusively on Facebook . This is 12 episode series of just 20 minutes each. This will air on 10p.m. eastern time.

WWE , Mixed Match Challenge

MMC Participants

Mixed match challenge is Smackdown Live v/s RAW elimination tournament where WWE male & female superstars will team up to compete in this premiere series.

Fan will vote for the last member of RAW team & as well as for deciding who will compete in mixed match challenge from New Day team (only one member of New Day). And teams will possibly announced on January 4 2018.


RAW  Roster Smackdown Live Roster
Finn Balor


Charlotte Flair


Shinsuke Nakamura


Bobby Roode
The Miz


Nia Jax


Jimmy Uso


Braun Strowman


Alexa Bliss


Sasha Banks


Apollo Crews


Sami Zayn
Alicia Fox


Becky Lynch


Big E



  1. RAW
Mixed Pair
Finn Balor with Sasha Banks



WWE , Mixed Match Challenge
Bayley with Elias



WWE Mixed Match Challenge


Braun Strowman with Alexa Bliss



WWE , Mixed Match Challenge


 The Miz with Asuka






Alicia Fox with Goldust





Nia Jax with Apollo Crews



  WWE , Mixed Match Challenge


2. SmackDown Live

 Mixed Pair
Charlotte Flair with Bobby Roode


 WWE , Mixed Match Challenge
Naomi with Jimmy Uso



WWE , Mixed Match Challenge

Rusev with Lana


 Mixed Match Challenge


Sami Zayn with Becky Lynch


WWE , Mixed Match Challenge


Shinsuke Nakamura with Natalya


 WWE , Mixed Match Challenge


Carmella with Big E


 WWE Mixed Match Challenge



WWE promotes mixed match channel on Facebook & on WWE digital platform. WWE has 800+ million followers & 100+ million followers on Facebook.


Enzo Amore Illness: Because of the bad health of Enzo Amore, he will not be able to fight in the Mixed Match Challenge premiere series.

Commentary/Announce Team 

  1. Michael Cole
  2. Beth Phoenix ( Hall of Fame)
  3. Corey Graves


  1. Renee Young
  2. Byron Saxton

Clash Of Champions

Clash Of Champions is WWE upcoming PPV event .It is an official event of Raw last year .Now WWE makes it Smackdown Live PPV event. It will go live on 17 December 2017 from TG Garden , Boston .

All WWE PPV’s event are scripted & rely on storyline written by WWE experts . Clash Of Champions is also scripted & results are predetermined .

Clash Of Champions have some special matches this year .These matches include AJ Styles v/s Jinder Mahal for WWE Championship match, United State Championship match , Eight Men Tag Team Title match & WWE Smackdown Live Women Championship match .Who will retain his/her pride in Clash of Champions PPV event.


Stipulation Champion Native Country Challenger/Challengers Native Country
WWE Championship match AJ Styles United States Jinder Mahal India
WWE Smackdown Women Championship Charlotte Flair United States Natalya Canada
United State Championship Baron Corbin United States Dolph Ziggler &

Bobby Roode

United States & Canada
  • Lumberjacks : Ruby Riott , Sarah Logan , Liv Morgan , Carmella , Tamina , Lana , Naomi

8 Man Tag Team Battle for Tag Team Championship

The Usos (Champ) v/s The New Day v/s Rusev & Aiden English v/s Chad Cable & Sheldon Benjamin

Tag Team Battle

  1. The duo of Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens v/s The Team Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura
  • If Sami & Kevin lose this match , they get fired from entire WWE.

2.Bludgeon Brothers v/s Breezango

Pre Show

Zack Ryder v/s Mojo Rawley  in a singles match


WWE Championship Match

  • Predicted  Winner – AJ Styles

Smackdown Women Championship

  • Predicted Winner – Charlotte Flair

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

  • Predicted Winner- Sheldon Benjamin & Chad Cable

United State Chamionship

  • Predicted Winner -Dolph Ziggler

Tag Team Match

  1. Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton v/s Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
  2. Bludgeon Brothers v/s Breezango
  • Predicted Winner- Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn
  • Predicted Winner- Bludgeon Brothers

Preshow Singles Match

Mojo Rawley v/s Zack Ryder

Predicted Winner- Mojo Rawley

Championship Matches Results

Stipulation ChampionChallenger/ChallengersWinnerWin via
WWE ChampionshipAJ StylesJinder MahalAJ StylesSubmission ( Heel Turn)
Smackdown Women ChampionshipCharlotte FlairNatalyaCharlotte FlairSubmission ( Calf Crusher )
United State ChampionshipBaron CorbinDolph Ziggler & Bobby RoodeDolph ZigglerPinfall ( New Champion )
Tag Team ChampionshipThe Usos The New Day , Team of Rusev & Aiden English and
Duo of Sheldon Benjamin & Chad Cable
The UsosPinfall

Non Title Match Results

StipulationMatch Winner
Tag Team Match Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura v/s Kevin Owens & Sami ZaynKevin Owens & Sami Zayn
Tag Team Match Bludgeon Brothers v/s BreezangoBludgeon Brothers
Preshow Singles MatchMojo Rawley v/s Zack Ryder Mojo Rawley


Survivor Series


World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has been a  great show. WWE has two brands named RAW and Smackdown Live. These two brands have their own rosters,championship,ring sets,announcers and pay-per-view event.

WWE Survivor Series

Survivor Series is an upcoming pay-per-view event and it will go live on Sunday from Toyota Center in  Houston,Texas.It is the only event in a year where the two brands of WWE  will collide in head to head competition.Now the question arise, will RAW make their impact on Smackdown live or they will be crushed by them.

Background and Match Card

WWE all pay-per-view event are scripted & based on storyline. The match card of Survivor Series is scripted & result is predetermined by RAW and Smackdown Live.

The match card for Survivor Series is announced by Kurt Angle on Monday night RAW. Each champion of the RAW  brand was scheduled to face their counterpart of the SmackDown Live in non-title matches- the Universal Champion against the WWE Champion, the Intercontinental Champion against the United States Champion, the Raw Women’s Champion against the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and also the Raw Tag Team Champions against the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Angle also announced that there are just two 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series elimination matches, one men’s division match plus one women’s division match.

The main event of Survivor Series is gonna be of much fun , Brock Lesnar will go one on one with AJ Styles for the first time in this pay-per-view event. At No Mercy Brock Lesnar conquer Braun Strowman while Jinder Mahal  defeat Shinsuke Nakamura to retain his title.After retaining his title Jinder’s planned to beat everyone in Smackdown roster to kept his spot in Survivor Series.But this is not happen as AJ Styles beat Jinder Mahal .

The Intercontinental champion the Miz successfully defend his title against Matt Hardy & maintained his position in Survivor Series & he will face the united states champion Baron Corbin (who retain his title on Smackdown live by defeating Sincara). Alexa Bliss retained her title against Mickie James and keeping her in Survivor Series match against the Smackdown women’s champion; her opponent had been originally Natalaya however changed afterwards Charlotte Flair conquered Natalya to its title.On 11 November 2017 Cesaro & Sheamus defeat Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose and become new RAW tag team champions and they take on the Usos in Survivor Series.  The Shield challenged the New Day in a 6 man  tag team match .

Lets talk about 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series matches.On October 23, Alicia fox became the captain of RAW team by defeating Sasha Banks & Bayley in a triple threat match.First of all Alicia Fox added Nia Jax in her squad,then she later added  Asuka when she beat Stacy Coates . The fourth member added in team RAW is Sasha Banks & the fifth member is Bayley who compete in triple threat match against Dana Brooke and Mickie James to grab fifth position in team.

On the other hand team Smackdown captain is Becky Lynch & became captain by defeating four divas in fatal five way match.Other members of team blue are Naomi , Tamina, Carmella, Natalaya.

Members of Team RAW for men’s 5 on 5 traditional match are Kurt Angle(c), Triple H , Finn Balor, Braun Strowman , Samoa Joe.On the other side team Smackdown: Shane o mac (c), John Cena , Randy Orton , Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode.


StipulationRAWSmackdown Live
Champ v/s Champ(men's division)Brock Lesnar AJ Styles
Champ v/s Champ(women division) Alexa BlissCharlotte Flair
Men's 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series MatchKurt Angle(c),Braun Strowman,Triple H,Finn Balor,Samoa JoeShane O Mcmahon(c),Randy Orton, John Cena,Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura
Women's 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series matchAlicia Fox(c), Bayley, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, AsukaBecky Lynch(c),Carmella, Tamina, Naomi,fifth member is still to be decided
Mid Card ChampsThe Miz (Intercontinental champion)Baron Corbin (United State Champion)
Tag Team v/s Tag team champsSheamus and CesaroThe Usos
3 on 3 tag matchThe ShieldThe New Day
cruiserweight championship match: Enzo Amore (c) v/s Kalisto



StipulationRAWSmackdown LiveWinner
Champ v/s Champ(men's division)Brock Lesnar AJ StylesBrock Lesnar
Champ v/s Champ(women division) Alexa BlissCharlotte Flair Charlotte Flair
Men's 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series MatchKurt Angle(c),Braun Strowman,Triple H,Finn Balor,Samoa JoeShane O Mcmahon(c),Randy Orton, John Cena,Bobby Roode, Shinsuke NakamuraTeam RAW
Women's 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series matchAlicia Fox(c), Bayley, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, AsukaBecky Lynch(c),Carmella, Tamina, Naomi,fifth member is still to be decidedTeam RAW
Mid Card ChampsThe Miz (Intercontinental champion)Baron Corbin (United State Champion)Baron Corbin(United States Champion)
Tag Team v/s Tag team champsSheamus and CesaroThe UsosThe Usos
6 Man tag team matchThe ShieldThe New DayThe Shield
cruiserweight championship match: Enzo Amore v/s Kalisto : Winner - Enzo Amore

Final score of Survivor Series
Raw v/s Smackdown Live
4 - 3