RAW : 1 January 2018

Kurt Angle Revealed Royal Rumble Rules for Women Division


It’s New Year, first RAW of 2018 kicks off with RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. He announced the rules of first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. The Women’s Royal Rumble match have same rules as Men Royal Rumble match. This match include 30 Women’s superstar of both RAW & Smackdown Live , each entrant come after  1:30 minutes & each entrant gets eliminated when they threw out of ring over the top rope & both feet touch the floor .Winner gets the match in Wrestlemania  for RAW/Samackdown  Women’s Championship.

After this announcement, Cesaro & Sheamus made their way to the ring .Last week Seth & Kurt’s son Jason Jordan defeat Sheamus & Cesaro to become New RAW tag team champions. So, this week they want a title rematch. Jason Jordan interrupted Shemus &Cesaro  . So, Kurt decided to a match between Jason Jordan & Cesaro.


Seth also made his way to ring. He believe that Cesaro easily defeat Jordan but Jordan proved Seth wrong. In Seth eyes,Jordan didn’t know about being a teammate because Jordan rushing into 2-on-1 disadvantage .So Seth promised to be at ringside for their tag titles.

Asuka v/s Alexa Bliss


Last week on Monday Night RAW, Asuka showed why no is ready for her .She put Alexa down unconscious in the ring. She delivered her a lightning fast kick on Alexa’s head.


This week, Alexa got a match to take her revenge from Asuka. After the bell, Asuka Starts dominating. She didn’t give any chance to Alexa to recover. Asuka knee made Alexa in pain. She danced every time she dodge from Alexa’s moves. Alexa fired back with rapid chops & a submission hold to Asuka but that move couldn’t pay Alexa more advantage. Asuka from top rope delivered a drop kick & finally caught Alexa Bliss in Cross Arm Breaker submission hold, Alexa tap out & Asuka continued his unbeaten streak in RAW.

Rhyno v/s Braun Strowman


This match is between two big dogs of WWE. Both the men are known for their power. The monster among men start dominating in match after the bell. Heath tried to cheer up his fellow but Braun is distracting from it. So Braun challenge Heath to came in the ring to  help his partner Rhyno. Heath didn’t accept his challenge but he attacked from behind & match become a 2-on-1 handicapped match. Rhyno & Heath fired up but Braun fights back & delivered a Running Power Slam to Ryhno to done the things off.


Braun goes to delivered one more power slam to Rhyno but Heath attacked on him. Then Braun delivered a power slam to Heath.WWE Universe chanted – one more power slam , with this Braun delivered two more power slams to Rhyno & Heath except of one.

Intercontinental Championship Match

For couple of weeks, Roman has. Last week, Roman sets in a one on one action against Samoa Joe for Intercontinental championship. Roman Reigns lose this match via disqualification but he regain his title.

This week, Roman sets in action against for a rematch against & the Intercontinental Championship is on the line. After the bell, Samoa Joe attacked on him with rapid fire chops & driving his shoulder into Roman’s chest. Samoa with a kick, right to the back of the neck of Roman & then three hundred pounder (Joe) launching Roman onto the turnbuckle.

Roman fights back with a big boot to Samoa’s face & drive him out of the ring & then delivered a drive by outside the ring. Roman goes for a cover 1-2 & Joe kicks out. Samoa blasting Reigns into Barricade & then knock him with a right hand to the jaw. Roman gets ready for Superman punch but Joe rolls out of the ring. Roman caught him with two consecutive superman punch & then he cover for 1-2 but Joe kicks out. Samoa threw Roman to referee but he didn’t get disqualified. Samoa caught Roman in Colquina clutch but Roman capitalized from it & then Roman delivered a Certified spear to Joe to retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Cruiserweight Division


Cederic Alexandra team up with Goldust to take on fight with Drew Ghulak & Ariya Daivari. Match starts in epic way. Ariya Daivari takes advantage of distraction caused by Drew over Cederic Alexandra. Cederic fights back with a back elbow to Ariya Daivari . Both men made the tag to their partner. Goldust gave a power slam to Drew. Goldust jump off from top rope to take down both Ariya & Drew. Finally Cederic finish the job with Lumber Check.

Six Men Tag Team Match

This week Finn Balor had his match with Elias, Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas. Finn had to find partner for him to team up with them. Finn find partner for his match & his partner are Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel announced that Next Week, The Miz is returning to RAW.


After the bell, Elias fired up & put down Finn to give advantage to his team. When Finn Balor tag Luke Gallows, he fired up with rapid chops move & big boots. Gallow delivered a big boot to Bo Dallas, then a big splash & covers for 1-2 then Elias save the match. Karl threw Elias out of ring then Gallows made tag to Karl & Karl made tag to Finn. Firstly , Karl & Gallows delivered a Magic Killer to Bo Dallas and then Finn finish the match with Coup de Grace.

The Year of beast

Brock Lesnar made his first appearance in RAW 2018 with his advocate Paul Heyman. They are came to told about Royal Rumble Triple Threat match.