NXT Awards 2017


It is an award ceremony for NXT superstars who done very well in whole year. This award ceremony will take place on 27 January 2018 in Philadelphia & winner of each category will be announced there & this show will air on WWE’s digital platform.

Voting for NXT-Year-End-Awards will start on 4 January 2018. You can vote for your favorite nominee exclusively on Twitter. You have to keep in mind two things hash tag of category & of nominee.

Categories & nominees are:

NXT Take Over Award of the Year



Nominees are: #Orlando, #SanOntonio , #Brooklyn , #WarGames ,  #Chicago


NXT Breakout Star Award of the Year



Nominees are: #SonyaDeville , #AndradeAlmas , #VelveteenDream , #RubyRiott , #AleisterBlack , #LarsSullivan , #UndisputedEra


NXT Female Competitor Award of the Year



Nominees are: #EmberMoon , #IconicDuo , #Asuka , #NikkiCross , #RubyRiott


NXT Male Competitor Award of the Year



Nominees are: #AleisterBlack , #BobbyRoode , #DrewMcIntyre , AndradeCienAlmas , #RoderickStrong


NXT Overall Competitor Award of the Year



Nominees are: #Asuka , #BobbyRoode , #NikkiCross, #DrewMcIntyre , #EmberMoon, #RoderickStrong , #IconicDuo , #AndradeCienAlmas , #RubyRiott , #AleisterBlack .


NXT Rivalry Award of the Year



Nominees are: #BlackDream, #MoonAsuka, #DIYAOP, #NakamuraRoode, #OhnoItami, #SAnitYUndisputed, #BateDunne


NXT Tag Team Award of the Year



Nominees are: #AuthorsOfPain , #UndisputedEra , #DIY ,#TheRevival , #SAnitY


NXT Match of the Year



Nominees are:

#GorganoVsOhno- No. 1 Contender match for qualifying in fatal 4 way match (NXT TV)

#GorganovsAlmas -Takeover, Brooklyn III

#McIntyrevsAlmas – NXT Championship Match(Takeover,Wargames)

#AuskavsMoon- NXT Women Championship Match (Takeover, Brooklyn)

#BatevsDunne- United Kingdom Championship Match (Takeover, Chicago)

#BlackVsDream – Takeover, Wargames

#WarGamesMatch – Undisputed Era, SAnitY , AOP with Roderick Strong in triple threat tag match                  (Takeover, Wargames)

#StrongVsRoode – NXT Championship Match, NXT TV

#DIYVsAOP – NXT Tag Team Championship Ladder Match (Taakeover,Chicago)

#AsukaVsCross- NXT Women’s Championship last Woman Standing Match

#WomenBattleRoyal –NXT Women’s qualifying battle royal

#DIYVsRevivalVsAOP- NXT Tag Team Championship Elimination match (Takeover, Orlando)


Future Star Award of the year



Nominees are: #KairiSane , #StreetProfits , #FabianAichner , #HeavyMachinery , #LioRush , #LaceyEvans , #ShaynaBaszler , #BiancaBelair , #CezarBononi










NXT : 27 December 2017

Street Profit v/s Kris Starr & Riley Apex


Street Profits remained unbeaten at the end of this year. Street Profits finished the thing off by delivering a Spinebuster by Angelo Dawkins followed by a frogsplash from top rope by Montez Ford. After the bell Street Profits celebrate their win with WWE Universe. And they make the things clear that they are coming in 2018 for NXT Tag Team Champion .

Ember Moon ( NXT Women’s Champion) v/s Sonya Deville


Ember Moon’s first successful title defense put NXT Women’s on notice that she will become the longest ,reigning , undisputed champion. She defeat Sonya Deville in singles competition.

Ember Moon is greatest women champion of all time but Sonya Deville who known for his attacks, Submission move pushed Moon to limit. But Moon is a champ she couldn’t give up & fired back with quick chops & succession of moves. She delivered low kick & then a big right hand Sonya’s jaw. Finally her signature move Eclipse finished the job in style.


After the bell Kairi Sane made her way to WWE ramp for Ember’s title. But Kairi’s bad luck as Shayna Baszler had arrived & locked her in Sleeper hole. Interesting fact is that Kairi Sane defeat Shayna Baszler to win Mae Young Classic. Will Ember’s title is in danger? Will competition in NXT Women’s division get more tougher?

Fatal 4 Way match for #No.1 Contendership


This week, Johnny Gorgano , Lars Sullivan , Aleister Black& Killian Dain collide in a Fatal 4 way match . Johnny who has suffered from heartbreak and certain up & downs in his career, successfully win a wild fatal 4 way match at end of this year.

The match is gone wild from opening of the match. All four showed their skills & talent .Aleister Black fired up in the match. He threw Lars Sullivan out of the ring then he jumps from top rope but Sullivan caught him & lunching him on apron. Suddenly Killian Dane attacked with a suicide dive on Sullivan. Lars threw Dane to steel steps .


Now fight is on in stage between Black , Sullivan & Johnny . Sullivan threw Black on Barrackade & caught Johnny &  launched him over Black . Sullivan cleared commentary table to put Johnny on it but Johnny fight back. Sullivan was  lay over table , Dane gave him a running  splash from stage & Lars was almost out of contest . Killian & Sullivan are out of the game , then the fight was between Johnny & Black . Gorgano delivered a kick & then caught black in Gorgano escape but Dane saved the match up with a santime . Dane suffered a devastating mass location delivered by Black & Gorgano .

Everyone in NXT arena thought that Sullivan is out of the match but he is a giant. He stood up & prove everyone wrong. How the hell he was still moving ? Sullivan explodes through Gorgano & Black at same time. Then only two giants are remaining in the ring .Sullivan gave a closeline to Dane.


Finally Aleister Black delivered Black Mass & then he covers for 1-2 but Undisputed Era pulls him out .Adam Cole delivered him a Kneebreaker . Gorgano came with a suicide to cleared Cole out. And he drag Black into the ring & delivered a DDT over the rope to finish the match off in style. Johnny Gorgano defeat NXT’s three biggest superstar to claim opportunity to became next NXT champion.

NXT : 13 December 2017

Andrade “Cien” Almas  v/s Fabian Aichner

Andrade became the champion by defeating Drew McIntyre at NXT Takeover .The match against Fabian is  Andrade first match after becoming NXT Champion. Fabian is the superstar with muscular body & natural talent. But his talent didn’t work at all against the champ Andrade “Cien” Almas . Andrade deliver Hammerlock DDT to pick up the win .

Goosebumps Moments of the match

  1. Knee Breaker by Fabian
  2. Springboard Plancha over the top rope by Fabian
  3. Springboard Tornado DDT by Fabian

4. Powerbomb to Andrade for two count

5.Fabian through the steel stairs due to distraction made by Zega

6.Hammerlock DDT to Fabian Aichner

Tag Team Match

This week Authors of Pain have their match against the duo of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Both Danny Burch & Oney  Lorcan shocked the WWE universe . They fight as no one can expect . They  dominate  from the start of the match . Danny and Oney , both came into the ring & rocking Authors of Pain with uppercuts.

If any other tag team gets that rocking uppercuts they will came to their knee but  Akam & Rezar doesn’t get much impact from that move. Authors of Pain fight back with a thunderous supercollider close line. They claim the victory –delivered Last Chapter.

Goosebumps Moments of the Match

  1. Back to back uppercuts to Authors of Pain
  2. Huge close lines to Danny & Oney
  3. Double Power bomb by Authors of Pain
  4. Last Chapter to finish the job .

Ember Moon v/s Peyton Royce

Ember Moon is the current NXT Women Champion . She got what she is capable of . At NXT Takover  she won the NXT championship in Fatal 4 match . Peyton Royce is also a part of Fatal 4 way match, that’s why she want a match against Moon . This was hard fought match for Moon but she finishes the job with her stunning Eclipse.

After the match finished ,not wasting much time Kay unleashed on Moon .Peyton also joins the party . Moon goes off feet . Peyton slams Moon’s face over Kay’s knee. Nikki Cross (Sanity Member) came to get her hand on Iconic duo . She cleared what she want from Moon after saving her.

Goosebumps Moments of the match

  1. Moon from the top rope
  2. Peyton’s super kicks
  3. Moon’s Stunning Eclipse
  4. Billie attacked from behind
  5. Nikki Cross saved Moon
Aleister Black v/s Adam Cole

Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish were banned from ringside as per William instruction. Adam had to face Black alone. Black is undefeated in NXT since his debut.

At very first of the match Adam doing some fun with Black but Black doesn’t liked it. He threw Cole out off the ring. Black want to finish the job early in the match as he tries to deliver Black Mass . But Cole nearly escape from it.

Adam Cole fought back with super kicks & hit a neck-breaker over the knee. Adam tried to deliver a spin kick but Black dodged from it . At the end Aliester Black finished the job with Black Mass.

Goosebumps Moments of the Match

  1. Cross face by Adam Cole
  2. Kicks after kicks by Black
  3. Spring board DDT by Cole
  4. Adam jumped from top rope & Black hit a kick on his face
  5. Insecury & backstabber by Adam Cole
  6. Black Claim victory – Black Mass

NXT : 7 December 2017


NXT General  Manager  William Regal start the NXT show with a update of Drew injury . William said : Drew is not able to compete for a title rematch. So he decided to make a fatal four way #1 contender match . He decided to make it tournament in which 4 matches have been made .The winner of each match make his spot in a  Fatal Four Way Match .

On  this past Thursday , Killian Dain faces Trent Seven and Kassius Ohno faces  to be in fatal four way #1 contender match .

Now after decalaration of Fatal Four Way match , NXT champion Andrade “Cien” Almas came to the ring.He said : I beat Drew Mcintyre in NXT Take Over , No-No –No I m sorry I hurt Drew Mccintyre . I am the biggest champion of all time .

Killian Dain V/S Trent Seven

Two weeks ago Trent team up with Tyler Bate to face Pette Dunn & Mark Andrew . Trent & Tyler are winner of this match . This week , Trent gets the chance to grab a title opportunity .But he had to cross a hurdle named Killian Dain . Killian is member of Sanity & the big guy .

After the match started , Killian start dominating . He doesn’t  in the mood to give any chance to Trent Seven . At the last Killian defeat Trent Seven to became the first man in Fatal Four Way Match.

Ruby Riot V/s Sonya Deville

Two weeks ago ,Ruby and Sonya had a match in which Ruby picks up the win . But their rivalry not end there .  After that week  ,  Sonya and Ruby had signed up in RAW and Samckdown Live respectively .They shown their talent there .

This past week on NXT , Sonya Deville and Ruby Riot had a rematch to end up their rivalry. This match was a No Holds Barred Match . Sonya show her class at the very first of match. She caught Ruby with a Leg Triangle Submission move over the rope & picks up  a classic submission win .

NXT : 29 November 2017

Street Profits  v/s  Team of Moss and Tino Sabbatelli

Toni Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss have pure natural talent & both have great power, but despite of their power they couldn’t beat up  Street Profit. Toni Sabbatelli & Riddick Moss lose 2 matches in a row  against Street Profit in Tag Team battle.

Match started with exciting  flying moves. Street Profit dominates most of the time . Angelo Dawkins give Moss three consecutive standing switch slam . Toni Sabatelli shows some good moves & give some of his best shots.

Angelo nearly pick- up the win over Toni via pin fall but Moss saves the match. Toni is close to steal the match over Angelo but refree caught Moss who holds the leg of Angelo.

Finally match comes to an end when Montez Ford hit the Frog splash on Toni Sabbatelli.

Kairi Sane v/s Peyton Royce

Kairi Sane ,the Pirate Princess is a Japanese Superstar .She is known for her unique style. She had a match this past week  against  Peyton Royce .

Both Kairi Sane & Peyton Royce dislike each other .  Peyton Royce comes with her Iconic partner Billie Kay . Peyton has advantage in match because she has her partner alongside, but the presence of Kay doesn’t make much  impact on kairi Sane.

During the match Billie Kay distract Kairi Sane to save her partner, but Kairi Sane give featuring spears  to  Kay on ring apron.  Kairi Sane win over Peyton Royce by giving Insane elbow from top turn buckle .

Mark Andrews & Pette Dunn v/s Tyler Bate & Trent Seven

After beating up by  Undisputed Era , Pette dunn  have an argument with Tyler Bate & Trent Seven . Tyler & Trent challenge Pette for a tag team match. Pette finds a partner for him & he  was his fellow Mark Andrews. Mark Andrews fighting by Pette side because if they win Mark gets the chance for Pette United Kingdom Championship.

At the end of battle , Tyler took full control on match delivering a Tyler Driver to the Pette Dunn. After losing a chaotic battle, Pette attacks on his partner Mark from behind .