Royal Rumble 2018

The 31st Edition of Royal Rumble is an upcoming pay-per-view of WWE. It will go live on 28 January 2018 at Wells Fargo Centerin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 31st Edition of Royal Rumble includes a first ever 30 Women’s Royal Rumble Match & it contains the Women’s of RAW & Smackdown Live. The winner of this match will go to Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans against either RAW Women’s Champion or Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Royal Rumble also include a second Royal Rumble match of Men as always, winner of this match go to the main event of biggest event of the year Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble Match Card

  • Men’s Royal Rumble match

30 Men will fight for a Championship match at Wrestlemania 34 & that match include superstars of Smackdown Live & RAW. This match start with two superstars & each new superstar will enter after two minutes. The Elimination occurs when the superstar threw out of the ring over the top rope & his both feet touch the floor. This match continues until only one superstar left in the ring & he will be the winner & get opportunity at Wrestlemania.

WWE Royal Rumble

Participants of 2018 Men’s  Royal Rumble :  Finn Balor , Elias , John Cena , Shinsuke Nakamura , Apollo Crews , Randy Orton , Titus O Neil , Rusev , Aiden English , Bray Wyatt , Baron Corbin , The Miz , Matt Hardy.

  • Women’s Royal Rumble Match

31st Edition of Royal Rumble will be the biggest of all time as it include a first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. Rules & prize of this match is same as Men’s Royal Rumble match.

For this epic Royal Rumble match Stephanie McCmahon the Commissioner of RAW would join the Commentary table.

WWE , Royal Rumble

Participants of 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match: Sasha Banks , Becky Lynch , Bayley , Nia Jax , Asuka , Mickie James , Tamina , Sarah Logan , Liv Morgan , Ruby Riott , Naomi , Dana Brooke , Lana , Natalya , Carmella , Alicia Fox , Mandy Rose , Sonya Deville.

(c) – refers to the defending champion


  • 2-out-of-3 falls match for Smackdown Live tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) v/s the duo of Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin.




  • RAW Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan (c) v/s The Bar ( Sheamus & Cesaro).
  • 2-on-1 Handicapped Match for WWE Championship title: AJ Styles (c) v/s Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn .
  • Triple Threat Match for Universal Championship: “The Beast” Brock Lesnar (c) V/s “The Red Machine” Kane V/s “Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman.


Kick Off Shows

  1. United States Championship Open Challenge
  2. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson v/s The Revival 
  3. Kalisto , Gran Metalik & El Dorado v/s TJP , Drew Ghulak & Jack Gallagher

Celebrity panelists announced

  1. Alexa Bliss – RAW Women’s Champion
  2. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Live Women’s Champion
  3. Ric Flair – WWE Hall of Famer & Charlotte’s Dad
  4. Alundra Blayze – WWE Hall of Famer

Royal Rumble Results

  • 30 Men Royal Rumble 2018 

Winner : Shinsuke Nakamura 

Entrant No. Superstar Eliminated By Eliminate at
1Rusev Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy 12
2Finn Balor John Cena26
3RhynoBaron Corbin 1
4Baron CorbinFinn Balor 2
5Heath SlaterBray Wyatt 4
6Elias John Cena 14
7Cien AlmasRandy Orton 17
8Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy 13
9Big E Jinder Mahal 8
10Tye Dillinger but replaced by Sami Zayn Shinsuke Nakamura 5
11Sheamus Heath Slater 3
12Xavier Woods Jinder Mahal 7
13 Apollo CrewsCesaro6
14Shinsuke Nakamura Winner
15Cesaro Seth Rollins 9
16Kofi Kingston Cien Almas 11
17Jinder Mahal Kofi Kingston 10
18Seth Rollins Roman Reigns21
19Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt 13
20John Cena Shinsuke Nakamura27
21The Hurricane John Cena 15
22Aiden English Finn Balor 16
23Adam Cole Rey Mysterio 18
24Randy Orton Roman Reigns 24
25Titus O Neil Roman Reigns 19
26The Miz Roman Reigns20
27Rey MysterioFinn Balor 25
28Roman Reigns Shinsuke Nakamura 28
29Goldust Dolph Ziggler 22
30Dolph Ziggler Finn Balor23
  • 30 Women Royal Rumble 2018

Winner : Asuka 

  • Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship

Winner : The Usos 

  • RAW Tag Team Championship

Winner : Sheamus & Cesaro

  • United States Open Challenge

Winner : Bobby Roode 

  • 2 on 1 Handicapped Match for WWE Championship

Winner : AJ Styles 

  • Triple Threat Universal Championship 

Winner : Brock Lesnar 



RAW : 8 January 2018

RAW kick off with Roman


This week RAW kick off with The Intercontinental Champion “Roman Reigns”. Roman came to celebrate his victory over Samoa Joe last week. He gave message to all at backstage that 

If u mess with one member of the Shield, you mess with all of us.



Jason Jordan(Tag Champion) ruins Roman’s moment. He’s came to thanks Roman for defeating Samoa. Jason said 

We all are champions and we run this show and we are the most dominant three men team in all WWE






The Balor club joined the party. Finn said 

Jason I have been run with Karl & Luke for 10 years before you knew that Kurt Angle was your dad



Finn was excited because 2018 is the year of Balor club. Luke Gallows told Jason a nerd then Jason slaps him but both team members stopped them to fight.

Kurt Angle made an interference & fixed a main event i.e. a six men tag match. He said 

Oh its true, Its damn true.


Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville v/s Bayley & Sasha Banks

Last week, Sonya Deville , Mandy & Paige defeat Sasha , Bayley & Mickie James in six women tag match. Sonya & Mandy from their entry into RAW gets the attention of everyone. This week they had a match against Sasha Banks & Bayley (two former RAW Women’s Champion).


Sonya & Mandy gets the charm in WWE but this time they knocked out by Sasha & Bayley. The question arise that Sonya & Mandy are nothing without Paige?? Sonya Deville takes off the apron by Bayley & Sasha takes the advantage, delivered a Bank Statement. Finally Sasha Banks & Bayley defeat the Absolution.

Woken Matt Hardy v/s Curt Hawkins


Matt Hardy easily gets a win over Curt Hawkins. Curt Hawkins misses a cross body & Matt Hardy takes the advantage. He delivered a twist of fate to finished the things off.


Bray Wyatt appeared into the ring. Both men did nothing to each other. They just laughed at each other & then run.

Miz is back

Miz is back after few months. These months are hilarious for Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel as their left off. First guest of 2018 Miz TV is Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel. Curtis & Bostart chanting with WWE universe- Thank you Miz. Curtis & Bo came with some gifts for Miz like photo frame, Brand new sports court etc.


Miz said 2017 is good for me but I have got plans for 2018. In 2017 I m the Intercontinental Champion, & I gave Roman to borrow my title. So now I m back to reclaimed my Intercontinental Title & Roman beware of me.

Cederic Alexandra v/s Enzo Amore for Crusierweight Championship


Last week due to illness, Enzo couldn’t made him to fight against Cederic. This week he is fine to compete. After the bell Cederic start dominating over Enzo. Enzo tried to save himself from Cederic’s attack. Enzo face is covered with full of blood. Cederic  takes Enzo down over the top rope. Due to this Enzo gets hurt & couldn’t able to beat the count down. Cederic wins the match via count down.

Braun Strowman Proved why he is Called Monster Among Men


Last week Kane had a chat with Braun for knocking Brock Lesnar down as a team but Braun refused to be a part of his plan. He said “I m able to single handedly crush you and Brock down at Royal Rumble”. After this conversation between two men Kane gets into ring for sending Brock to sleep. He entered into the ring & delivered Brock a Choke Slam but Brock doesn’t get much impact as waked up. He fights back & sends Kane over the top rope. RAW roster came to stop brawling between these two men.


This week, Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar responded to Kane’s attack. But Kane come to attacked again. He jumped at top of stage & both men start brawling at backstage. Braun Strowman collectively took both men down. He threw Brock Lesnar off the Hallway & send Kane through a road crate. Then Braun Strowman  pull down  the backstage rigging on both men. This brutal attack by Braun send Brock en route to Hospital in ambulance & Kane goes with a injury in his leg.

Samoa Joe v/s Rhyno


Samoan Joe is a submission machine. He screwed most of the biggest competitors in RAW Men’s division like Braun, Brock, Roman etc. with his submission move. This week , Samoa Joe set in a match against Rhyno .


After the bell, Rhyno attacked first but Samoa Joe fights back & then he didn’t give any chance to Rhyno to fight back. Samoa delivered a collective package of Kick & Santime. Joe finishes the job with Colquina Clutch.

After winning the match, he told  that he is officially entering in Royal Rumble & his targeted is to first Eliminate the 16 times WWE champion John Cena.

Titus Worldwide v/s The Bar


After the bell, Sheamus show great team work as he sent Apollo on the floor. Apollo hurt his knee as came hard over the top rope. Titus O Neil is distracted by Sheamus & Cesaro take the advantage but he can’t be able to pick up the win as Titus pick the match in his pocket by rolling up. Titus Worldwide defeat Sheamus & Cesaro.

Nia  Jax attacked on Asuka


Asuka had a match against Nia Jax in head to head competition. Asuka made her way to ring. She was at top rope & suddenly Nia appears & caught Asuka from top rope , driving her into the canvas. Then Nia delivered a big splash to Asuka.

Six Men Tag Team Battle


This match is between the Balor Club and RAW Tag Team champions & Roman Reigns.After the bell all six men brawl into the ring .Tag champs & Roman successfully sent Balor Club off the ring. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins working together to deal with Finn Balor with Shoulder tackle. Then Roman delivered a drive bye to Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows at same time & followed by a suicide dive to Finn Balor.


Roman gets distracted from interference of Luke Gallows & Finn takes the advantage with sleep way. When Karl is came into the ring he delivered a Big Boot to Roman, followed by a superman punch to Luke Gallows. Tag was made to Seth & he launched himself with suicide on Finn and Karl. Then he delivered a suplex followed by a Falcon Arrow. Luke caught Seth from behind & Jason gets first time involved in the match to sent Luke off the ring. Seth made tag to Roman but due to distraction of his own partner, referee didn’t saw the tag was made. So Seth is the legal men inside the ring Luke & Karl made the moment & delivered a Magic Killer to Seth. Roman is pulled out of the ring by Luke & Karl. Roman delivered Karl a Superman punch & then a Spear to Luke Gallows outside the ring. Finn Balor finished the job with Coup de Grace.


After the match, Miztourage attacked on RAW Tag team champions & Roman Reigns from behind. Miz delivered a skull crushing finale to Roman followed by a triple power bomb.


RAW : 1 January 2018

Kurt Angle Revealed Royal Rumble Rules for Women Division


It’s New Year, first RAW of 2018 kicks off with RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. He announced the rules of first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. The Women’s Royal Rumble match have same rules as Men Royal Rumble match. This match include 30 Women’s superstar of both RAW & Smackdown Live , each entrant come after  1:30 minutes & each entrant gets eliminated when they threw out of ring over the top rope & both feet touch the floor .Winner gets the match in Wrestlemania  for RAW/Samackdown  Women’s Championship.

After this announcement, Cesaro & Sheamus made their way to the ring .Last week Seth & Kurt’s son Jason Jordan defeat Sheamus & Cesaro to become New RAW tag team champions. So, this week they want a title rematch. Jason Jordan interrupted Shemus &Cesaro  . So, Kurt decided to a match between Jason Jordan & Cesaro.


Seth also made his way to ring. He believe that Cesaro easily defeat Jordan but Jordan proved Seth wrong. In Seth eyes,Jordan didn’t know about being a teammate because Jordan rushing into 2-on-1 disadvantage .So Seth promised to be at ringside for their tag titles.

Asuka v/s Alexa Bliss


Last week on Monday Night RAW, Asuka showed why no is ready for her .She put Alexa down unconscious in the ring. She delivered her a lightning fast kick on Alexa’s head.


This week, Alexa got a match to take her revenge from Asuka. After the bell, Asuka Starts dominating. She didn’t give any chance to Alexa to recover. Asuka knee made Alexa in pain. She danced every time she dodge from Alexa’s moves. Alexa fired back with rapid chops & a submission hold to Asuka but that move couldn’t pay Alexa more advantage. Asuka from top rope delivered a drop kick & finally caught Alexa Bliss in Cross Arm Breaker submission hold, Alexa tap out & Asuka continued his unbeaten streak in RAW.

Rhyno v/s Braun Strowman


This match is between two big dogs of WWE. Both the men are known for their power. The monster among men start dominating in match after the bell. Heath tried to cheer up his fellow but Braun is distracting from it. So Braun challenge Heath to came in the ring to  help his partner Rhyno. Heath didn’t accept his challenge but he attacked from behind & match become a 2-on-1 handicapped match. Rhyno & Heath fired up but Braun fights back & delivered a Running Power Slam to Ryhno to done the things off.


Braun goes to delivered one more power slam to Rhyno but Heath attacked on him. Then Braun delivered a power slam to Heath.WWE Universe chanted – one more power slam , with this Braun delivered two more power slams to Rhyno & Heath except of one.

Intercontinental Championship Match

For couple of weeks, Roman has. Last week, Roman sets in a one on one action against Samoa Joe for Intercontinental championship. Roman Reigns lose this match via disqualification but he regain his title.

This week, Roman sets in action against for a rematch against & the Intercontinental Championship is on the line. After the bell, Samoa Joe attacked on him with rapid fire chops & driving his shoulder into Roman’s chest. Samoa with a kick, right to the back of the neck of Roman & then three hundred pounder (Joe) launching Roman onto the turnbuckle.

Roman fights back with a big boot to Samoa’s face & drive him out of the ring & then delivered a drive by outside the ring. Roman goes for a cover 1-2 & Joe kicks out. Samoa blasting Reigns into Barricade & then knock him with a right hand to the jaw. Roman gets ready for Superman punch but Joe rolls out of the ring. Roman caught him with two consecutive superman punch & then he cover for 1-2 but Joe kicks out. Samoa threw Roman to referee but he didn’t get disqualified. Samoa caught Roman in Colquina clutch but Roman capitalized from it & then Roman delivered a Certified spear to Joe to retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Cruiserweight Division


Cederic Alexandra team up with Goldust to take on fight with Drew Ghulak & Ariya Daivari. Match starts in epic way. Ariya Daivari takes advantage of distraction caused by Drew over Cederic Alexandra. Cederic fights back with a back elbow to Ariya Daivari . Both men made the tag to their partner. Goldust gave a power slam to Drew. Goldust jump off from top rope to take down both Ariya & Drew. Finally Cederic finish the job with Lumber Check.

Six Men Tag Team Match

This week Finn Balor had his match with Elias, Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas. Finn had to find partner for him to team up with them. Finn find partner for his match & his partner are Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel announced that Next Week, The Miz is returning to RAW.


After the bell, Elias fired up & put down Finn to give advantage to his team. When Finn Balor tag Luke Gallows, he fired up with rapid chops move & big boots. Gallow delivered a big boot to Bo Dallas, then a big splash & covers for 1-2 then Elias save the match. Karl threw Elias out of ring then Gallows made tag to Karl & Karl made tag to Finn. Firstly , Karl & Gallows delivered a Magic Killer to Bo Dallas and then Finn finish the match with Coup de Grace.

The Year of beast

Brock Lesnar made his first appearance in RAW 2018 with his advocate Paul Heyman. They are came to told about Royal Rumble Triple Threat match.



RAW : 25 December 2017

Hideo Itami v/s Brian Kendrick

Last week Hideo Itami made his debut in RAW. He delivered a clear message : Be afraid of me Cruiserweight Division .Hideo had match this week against Brian Kendrick , Brian was came with a plan .When Hideo start dominating, Gentleman Jack Gallagher distract him & Brian takes advantage . But he can’t make it to victory. Hideo sent Brian to sleep with Go To Sleep and Brian gets a nose & orbital injury due to this move.

Kane v/s  Heath Slater

Last week , Heath Slater and Rhyno had a match against The Revival . They lost their match & Rhyno told Slater that we have to become more toughen & specially you .

This week , Heath Slater had a match against Demon Kane .  Heath Slater prove himself  in this match that he is a tough guy as he show some great moves but Demon finishes the match with a Chokeslam for three. The Demon was not satisfied so he tried to get hands on Rhyno ( Heath Slater Tag Partner) . Kane caught Rhyno for Chokeslam  but Rhyno  get rid of it & fights back . Rhyno takes his position to deliver  a Spear but Kane caught him & successfully delivered Chokeslam .

Curt Hawkins open Challenge

Finn Balor accept Curt Hawkins open challenge .Curt Hawkins wants to broke his losing streak but Finn can’t  make it happen. Balor with a double foot on Curt chest & then delivered Kris Kringle Blush to finish the things off.So, Finn Balor defeat Curt Hawkins & Curt continue  his 146th consecutive losing streak .

Woken Matt Hardy’s Destruction

The fight between Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt was a word war but now this week it was became a battle. This week Bray Wyatt said that his fireflies will overcome Woken Warriors . Then Bray Wyatt made his way to the ring but when he entered into the ring Matt attacked on from behind. Luckily Wyatt dodged from a Twist of Fate & goes out of the ring. Matt led WWE universe to Delete Chant.

Six Men  34th Street Fight

Zo Train( Enzo Amore , Ariya Daivari & Drew Ghulak) had a match against Cederic Alexander , Mustafa Ali & Akira Tozawa . Zo train dressed up in Santa’s & Elves Clothes. This match is full of flying moves . Mustafa Ali sets Daivari in pain with Shooting  Star Press from top rope . Ali covers but Drew Ghulak  saved the match up. Akira came in rescue with a steel plate & sent Drew out of ring . Daivari made a tag to Enzo & the match was between Cederic  and Enzo . Ariya Daivari tried to attacked from behind. But Cederic  dodged from it & hit Daivari with a Candy Stick. Cederic finish the job with Lumber Check.

Roman Reigns v/s Samoa Joe

Last week , Samoan submission machine beat up Roman’s Shield Brothers . He tore Dean Ambrose left arm triceps tendon .Roman had a match against Samoa Joe for Intercontinental Championship but Roman was in different mood .He wants to take revenge from Joe for what he did last week .This match was call off by referee due to Roman aggression . When referee call off the match , Roman burst off Joe with two consecutive super man punches. Then he did what Samoa did with Dean & Seth . Roman hit Samoa Joe with steel steps two times & with a steel chair.

Samoa Joe became the winner of this match via disqualification but Roman retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Secret Santa Match

Secret Santa match was fixed by Kurt Angle (General Manager) for Miztourage . Secret Santa was a match in which Miztourage don’t know whom they facing tonight until they came to ring for fight. Secret Santa was Braun Strowman .

Monster among men ruined both Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas. Braun finished the job with running Power Slam. After the bell Monster keep attacking on Bo & Curtis. He delivered one more running Power Slam to both Bo & Curtis .

No One Is Ready for Asuka!

2017 is great year  for Alexa Bliss .Alexa Bliss became Smackdown Live Women’s Champion & now she is RAW Women Champion . This week Alexa had came to arena to talked about Royal Rumble. But there was a twist in story as Asuka had arrived . Asuka said “ No one is ready for Asuka & she announced that she will officially entered into Royal Rumble & definitely win first ever Women Royal Rumble”.Suddenly she hit a lightning fast kick over head to Alexa Bliss .

RAW Tag Team Championship

Seth Rollins wants a revenge from Samoa Joe for what he did last week to Dean Ambrose. And Jason Jordan wants revenge too but Samoa had match this week  against Roman Reigns . So , Kurt Angle made a match between the RAW tag team champs and duo of Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan & tag titles are on the line .

Seth Rollins doesn’t want to team up with Jason Jordan . These two superstar had a conversion in which Seth said – I m doesn’t want to team up with you  because you are not Dean Ambrose . Jordan said -Yeah you are right I m not Dean Ambrose , I m better than him .

When fight is on Seth had a fear to team up with Jordan but Jordan proved him that he is also a tough guy. He Fought very well in match. Some moments occur where Seth gave backup to Jordan & saving the match .Sheamus sent Seth to sleep with Brogue Kick and Cesaro & Sheamus takes the advantage . They delivered a elbow drop from top rope but Seth saves the match up. This match turns into Seth & Jordan favor when Sheamus threw to  Steel steps by Seth . Cesaro caught Rollins with a running European uppercut but Jordan catch him & finish the job with Angle slam neckbreaker hybrid . They became the New RAW Tag Team Champions . Kurt Angle ( father of Jason Jordan) joined New RAW Tag champs in their celebration.





WWE RAW: 18 December 2017

Beast & Carnotte Returns to WWE

This week, Brock Lesnar returns to WWE . He show everyone why he is called himself Beast & Carnotte.

Kurt came to ring to annouce Brock’s opponent . Both Kane & Braun Strowman make their way to the ring . Suddenly Brock had arrived in the arena . All three monster are in the ring ,Kurt made a decision for Universal title . He made a Triple Threat Match for Universal Championship between Brock Lesnar (Champion) , Kane & Braun Strowman . After announcement  Brock delivered closeline to Braun & F5 to Kane .

Goosebumps Moment 

1.Triple threat match at Royal Rumble 2018 between three monsters.

2. Huge collider closeline to Braun strowman by Brock Lesnar

3. F5 delivered to Kane .

Finn Balor v/s Miztourage in 2 on 1 Handicapped Match

This week Balor had his match against the Miztourage . The Miztourage had advantage because this match is 2 on 1 handicap match. Miztourage had a plan against Finn. They tried to grab Finn to their corner but they couldn’t make it .Finn shows some high flying moves . He jump over the top rope on Curtis Axel .

Bo Dallas came into the ring & start assaulting Finn . Referee Disqualified the match .The Miztourage keep attacking on Finn .Suddenly Hideo Itami Arrived  to rescue Finn .

The match was restarted & this match will became a Tag Match . Hideo finishes the job with Go-To- Sleep.

Goosebumps Moment of the Match

  1. Hideo Itami made his debut & came to rescue Finn
  2. Elbow from the top rope by Hideo to Curtis Axel
  3. Double boots to Bo Dallas outside the ring by Finn
  4. Hideo finishes the job with

Cruiserweight Division – #No. 1 Contender Match

This week , Cederic Alexandra faces Drew Ghulak in one on one competition . This match was  for  #No. 1 Contendership  for Cruiserweight Championship .

Drew Ghulak came with Enzo Amore ( Cruiserweight Champion) for match . Enzo Amore joins Michael Cole & party at commentator table. Cederic starts match with a drop kick & he dives over the top rope .Both men are tumbling out the ring & Cederic gets the pain. After a while , Enzo leaves the commentator table , due to this Drew distract . Cederic takes the advantage & delivered a Lumbar Check to picks up a win.

Goosebumps Moment of the Match

  1. Both men tumbling out of ring
  2. Drew Ghulak submission hold
  3. Alexander delivered & finishes the job.
Asuka v/s Alicia Fox

Last Week Asuka had her match against Alicia but that match doesn’t happen  because Absolution attacked Fox backstage .

This week , Asuka & Fox had a rematch . At very first of this match Asuka tried to lock her in submission move but Fox make her to the rope . Alicia fights back but can’t make it to victory due to cross arm breaker submission hold by Asuka.

Goosebumps Moment of the Match

  1. Asuka from the top rope
  2. Overhead kick by Asuka
  3. Submission hold by Asuka
6 Men tag team match

Earlier on this past week RAW , Seth Rollins & Jason Jordon had a match . Seth won that match but Samoa Joe Attacked on both the men .Due to this Kurt sets a 6 men tag match . The match is between the team of Cesaro,Sheamus & Joe  and the team of Seth , Dean & Jordan . During this match Dean had got a arm injury due to this Sheamus takes the advantage & delivered Brougue Kick to Seth . They picks the win via pinfall .

After the match  Cesaro , Sheamus & Joe attacked Seth & Dean at backstage. Samoa Joe Attacked on Dean injured arm .

The Revival returns

The Revival made a surprised return in WWE .They had their match against Rhyno & Heath Slater. The Revival called themselves the “TOP GUYS” .This name suits their ability & talent . They showed their class & what make them the Top Guys . They easily picks up the win –delivered Shatter Machine.

6 Women tag team match

At WWE Tribute to Troops match these 6 women collide in head to head tag match . In that match Absolution successfully grab victory to their home .

This week ,these two teams had a rematch . This match is so physical but this match had been qualified due to Absolution desperate attack on Bayley ,Sasha & Mickie . So according to rules Sasha , Bayley & Mickie James picked up the win by Disqualification .

Stephanie McMahon Surprised Return 

After 6 Women tag match, Absolution keep assaulting their opponent. The whole RAW women roster came to rescue. When all women are brawling , Stephanie made a surprised entry .

Stephanie came up with a huge announcement for Royal Rumble  2018. At Royal Rumble 2018 there will  be a first ever Women Royal Rumble match .#WomenRevolution to #WomenEvolution.




WWE RAW : 27 November 2017

The Fire : Demon Kane

In  the  last week of  Monday night RAW  Jason Jordan has a one on one match with Braun Strowman. As his name (monster among man)  suggest Braun screwed down Jason Jordan in a match .Due to Jason injured knee he is not been able to continue match .Suddenly Kane is come out of nowhere in the ring with a steel chair . Kane hit Braun by  steel chair on his knee. Kane keep doing the assault on Braun Strowman .

On this past Monday night RAW Jason had opportunity to prove himself . He had a match against the Demon kane. In this match Jason Jordan  dominating on Kane but The Demon is so quick and powerful. After sometime Kane start crushing Jason . But at the end Kane uses the chair to assault Jason. He give Jason a powerful  Chokeslam  .Kane is keep assaulting him.

Now to protect Jason from Kane, Finn had arrived in the arena . Then the  match is made official :Finn Balor v/s Kane . During the match Braun had come to take revenge on Kane for assaulting him.

Samoan Submission Machine Assault : Will Roman get payback

This past Monday  Roman had a match against Elias for his Intercontinental championship. Roman Reigns successfully defend his Intercontinental  championship. But Roman celebration didn’t last long as Samoan machine attacked on him from behind. Samoa Joe holds Roman from behind and give him a Coquina clutch .

Woman Revolution

Two weeks ago, In fatal 4 way match between  Mickie James ,Sasha  Banks, Bayley and Alicia fox  to become no. 1 contender  for Woman Championship. During the match Paige returns to WWE with  two NXT Divas , Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose .These three superstar Divas get their hands on Sasha , Bayley and Mickie .

In past Monday night RAW , Asuka Beats Dana Brooke in one on one match within few minutes. Her celebration was not last long because Paige comes to ring side with her two partners .But they don’t do anything with Asuka .

In this night there is also a  6 woman tag team match where  Sasha Banks , Bayley , Mickie James  team up to face Absolution. This match didn’t happen because Absolution attack Bayley and Mickie James at  backstage . On ring side, Absolution attacked  on  Sasha banks . Sasha fights back but  due to numbers advantage Sasha  go through a Rampage.

Seth Rollins v/s Cesaro   

 Dean Ambrose along with Seth Rollins have each got singles victories over Cesaro & Sheamus — the team which caught the Shield brothers’ Raw Tag Team Titles earlier this season — and now they’ll receive their rematch contrary to the Tavern go on Raw, glancing from Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center.

Cruiserweight Division

This past Monday,  In 205 Live  there is fatal 4 way match between  Rich Swann, Ariya Dawari , Akira Tozawa and Naom Dar .The winner of this match is Rich Swann. He  is qualified for the Match  of becoming No. 1 contender   for  Cruiserweight  Championship .Now the question is who will face Rich Swann for No.1  contendership match.

On December 4 , the four man will collide in fatal 4 way match ,the winner of this match will face Rich Swann  on December 11. These four man are Cedric Alexandra , Mustafa Ali , Tony Nese and Drew Gulak.