Royal Rumble 2018

The 31st Edition of Royal Rumble is an upcoming pay-per-view of WWE. It will go live on 28 January 2018 at Wells Fargo Centerin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 31st Edition of Royal Rumble includes a first ever 30 Women’s Royal Rumble Match & it contains the Women’s of RAW & Smackdown Live. The winner of this match will go to Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans against either RAW Women’s Champion or Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Royal Rumble also include a second Royal Rumble match of Men as always, winner of this match go to the main event of biggest event of the year Wrestlemania.

Royal Rumble Match Card

  • Men’s Royal Rumble match

30 Men will fight for a Championship match at Wrestlemania 34 & that match include superstars of Smackdown Live & RAW. This match start with two superstars & each new superstar will enter after two minutes. The Elimination occurs when the superstar threw out of the ring over the top rope & his both feet touch the floor. This match continues until only one superstar left in the ring & he will be the winner & get opportunity at Wrestlemania.

WWE Royal Rumble

Participants of 2018 Men’s  Royal Rumble :  Finn Balor , Elias , John Cena , Shinsuke Nakamura , Apollo Crews , Randy Orton , Titus O Neil , Rusev , Aiden English , Bray Wyatt , Baron Corbin , The Miz , Matt Hardy.

  • Women’s Royal Rumble Match

31st Edition of Royal Rumble will be the biggest of all time as it include a first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. Rules & prize of this match is same as Men’s Royal Rumble match.

For this epic Royal Rumble match Stephanie McCmahon the Commissioner of RAW would join the Commentary table.

WWE , Royal Rumble

Participants of 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble match: Sasha Banks , Becky Lynch , Bayley , Nia Jax , Asuka , Mickie James , Tamina , Sarah Logan , Liv Morgan , Ruby Riott , Naomi , Dana Brooke , Lana , Natalya , Carmella , Alicia Fox , Mandy Rose , Sonya Deville.

(c) – refers to the defending champion


  • 2-out-of-3 falls match for Smackdown Live tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) v/s the duo of Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin.




  • RAW Tag Team Championship Match: Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan (c) v/s The Bar ( Sheamus & Cesaro).
  • 2-on-1 Handicapped Match for WWE Championship title: AJ Styles (c) v/s Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn .
  • Triple Threat Match for Universal Championship: “The Beast” Brock Lesnar (c) V/s “The Red Machine” Kane V/s “Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman.


Kick Off Shows

  1. United States Championship Open Challenge
  2. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson v/s The Revival 
  3. Kalisto , Gran Metalik & El Dorado v/s TJP , Drew Ghulak & Jack Gallagher

Celebrity panelists announced

  1. Alexa Bliss – RAW Women’s Champion
  2. Charlotte Flair – Smackdown Live Women’s Champion
  3. Ric Flair – WWE Hall of Famer & Charlotte’s Dad
  4. Alundra Blayze – WWE Hall of Famer

Royal Rumble Results

  • 30 Men Royal Rumble 2018 

Winner : Shinsuke Nakamura 

Entrant No. Superstar Eliminated By Eliminate at
1Rusev Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy 12
2Finn Balor John Cena26
3RhynoBaron Corbin 1
4Baron CorbinFinn Balor 2
5Heath SlaterBray Wyatt 4
6Elias John Cena 14
7Cien AlmasRandy Orton 17
8Bray Wyatt Matt Hardy 13
9Big E Jinder Mahal 8
10Tye Dillinger but replaced by Sami Zayn Shinsuke Nakamura 5
11Sheamus Heath Slater 3
12Xavier Woods Jinder Mahal 7
13 Apollo CrewsCesaro6
14Shinsuke Nakamura Winner
15Cesaro Seth Rollins 9
16Kofi Kingston Cien Almas 11
17Jinder Mahal Kofi Kingston 10
18Seth Rollins Roman Reigns21
19Matt Hardy Bray Wyatt 13
20John Cena Shinsuke Nakamura27
21The Hurricane John Cena 15
22Aiden English Finn Balor 16
23Adam Cole Rey Mysterio 18
24Randy Orton Roman Reigns 24
25Titus O Neil Roman Reigns 19
26The Miz Roman Reigns20
27Rey MysterioFinn Balor 25
28Roman Reigns Shinsuke Nakamura 28
29Goldust Dolph Ziggler 22
30Dolph Ziggler Finn Balor23
  • 30 Women Royal Rumble 2018

Winner : Asuka 

  • Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship

Winner : The Usos 

  • RAW Tag Team Championship

Winner : Sheamus & Cesaro

  • United States Open Challenge

Winner : Bobby Roode 

  • 2 on 1 Handicapped Match for WWE Championship

Winner : AJ Styles 

  • Triple Threat Universal Championship 

Winner : Brock Lesnar 



Smackdown Live : 9 January 2018

Kick Off Show

Smackdown Live kicked Off with AJ Styles with an interview. This interview is conducted to know about what AJ feels for his 2 on 1 handicapped match with WWE championship on the line at Royal Rumble. Renee asked him did u think the match is fair? AJ answered hmm I think the match doesn’t seems like fair. He’s ready to fight with Kevin & Sami in same night but he’s not happy to fight in same match against two men. But he’s a champion he said I’ll definitely reclaim my WWE championship by defeating Sami & Kevin in same match at same night.


Kevin & Sami  interrupted the interview. They came to claimed that they would become new co WWE champions in 2018.But their happiness couldn’t quite further as Shane interrupted them. He’s here to show Kevin & Sami a preview of handicapped against AJ Styles. He set a 3 on 2 handicapped match between the team of Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens and team of Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura & AJ Styles.

Becky Lynch v/s Ruby Riott

Few weeks ago, Riott squad slammed Becky Lynch’s torso inside the steel door. She gets hurt & not able to compete in Smackdown for few weeks. This week, Becky made her appearance on Smackdown Live & she has a match against Ruby Riott.

After the bell, Ruby Riott made a great strategy. She attacked right on the mid section of Becky. Becky tried to put away Ruby with back to back right hand on face & uppercut. She delivered a flipback suplex to Riott. Ruby tried for a Riott kick but she is caught by Becky in a disarmer & picks up the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Ascension v/s Bludgeon Brothers


After the bell, Ascension tried to jump harder on Harper. But Harper delivered a big boot to Victor & kick right on mid section to Connor. Bludgeon Brothers finished the job with double power bomb to victor. After the match, Bludgeon Brothers assault Connor with a double power bomb.

Winner: Bludgeon Brothers

Mojo Rawley v/s Zack Ryder


This match is to advance in United State Championship tournament. After the bell, Mojo show up his energy & power. Mojo’s negative emotions for Zack helped him to take the match in his pocket. But Mojo had to work hard to win this match. Zack Ryder’s counter back with a neck breaker. He drives Mojo down & ready to deliver a Browski boot but Mojo able to drag himself out of the ring. Mojo drives Zack into the post & finishes the job with a great connection right on the face. He advances to semi-finals & have to face Bobby Roode.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

Justice Demanded

Shelton Bnjamin & Chad Gable wants justice as they win the tag titles last week but titles take it back from them as they win match via pinfall to illegal men. After that they lost the titles. So they want their titles back.


After their conversation, Daniel made his way to ring. Daniel had sympathy for Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin. So he made a 2 out of 3 falls match for Royal Rumble with tag team titles on the line.

Breezango v/s Rusev & Aiden English


Rusev Day had announced that he is officially entering into Royal Rumble. After this announcement, he’s ready for his match. But that match is not quite happy for Rusev as they defeated with a quick roll up onslaught by Fandango on Rusev.

Winner: Breezango




Smackdown Live : 26 December 2017

Kick Off Show With Daniel Bryan

Smackdown Live Kicks off with Daniel Byran. Daniel was very disappointed from Dolph Ziggler as he left his title in ring & disrespect it. And he didn’t reply Daniel calls & texts . With all in mind Daniel take a huge decision .He made a United State Championship tournament & revealed first match of this tournament which is between Baron Corbin & Bobby Roode .

After the announcement New Day , Shelton Benjamin , Chad Gable , Rusev & Aiden English made their way to ring . They all want a title match against the Usos . Daniel Bryan frustrated from their argument so he made another announcement about #No. 1 Contender match for Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship & this match  was Triple Threat Match . And Daniel said that match was next.

Triple Threat Match

Triple threat match between New Day , Rusev & Aiden English and Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable was an exciting match . This match was led WWE Universe to their feet . These three team showed everything that they have in Triple Threat match. They pulled out every stuff ( moves ) at each other. Tag team champions The Usos are at ring side as guest commentator.

This Triple Threat match was a very physical match as all the team gave their 100% in the match .They showed  great teamwork. Chad Gable delivered a devastating suplex to Big E & Aiden at same time .Rusev caught Xavier & Chad Gable in Ankle Aid but both men survive from it. Shelton Benjamin suffered a devastating spear through rope delivered  by Big E. But Shelton Benjamin doesn’t take too much time to recover. He came into ring and with his partner Chad gave tandem Bulldog to Big E for 1-2-3 .They became the #No. 1 contender for Tag Titles.

Naomi v/s Ruby Riott

After a major announcement – first ever Women Royal Rumble match all women get excited & preparing for it. This week Naomi had a match against Ruby. Ruby is in advantage as Logan & Morgan at her side. After fight is on Naomi was distracted by Morgan & Logan (sent to floor with a elbow). Ruby takes advantage & delivered a overhead kick to Naomi. Finally Ruby finished the job with Riott kick.

After the bell , Riott squad keep assaulting Naomi .Smackdown Women Champion Charlotte came in for rescue but she couldn’t get over numbers game. Natalya , Tamina ,Lana & Carmella made their way to ring . Riott squad hop out of the ring but those four Divas caught them & beat them down.

Bludgeon Brothers v/s Breezango

Breezango was lost their match against Bludgeon Brothers in Clash Of Champions . They had rematch this week but they doesn’t get their revenge as Bludgeon Brothers made another victory in their favor.

Bludgeon Brothers want to get their hands on Breezango but The Ascension saved their friends .The Ascension had a surprised for their friends i.e. another match against Bludgeon Brothers next week.

Bobby Roode v/s Baron Corbin (United State Championship Tournament )

This month was worst for Baron Corbin as he lost his United States Championship & he lost opportunity to go ahead in tournament for U.S. title. Bobby Roode defeated Baron Corbin by quick Roll up. Bobby advances in  tournament .He celebrates his victory in Glorious way .

Jinder Mahal v/s Tye Dillinger (United States Championship Tournament)

Tye Dillinger made his appearance after many weeks in Smackdown Live. He get opportunity to prove & make his spot in Smackdown Live in one night. He had a match against Jinder for United States title tournament in qualifier match.

In comparison Tye has lower strength than Jinder but it doesn’t matter, only thing matter is courage . Tye has enough courage to fight with anyone. This week Tye showed his courage but Singh brothers distract him & Jinder takes advantage. Tye fired back but he was not able to stand after a Khallas . Jinder Mahal covers for 1-2-3 & qualified for next round.

Kevin Owens v/s AJ Styles

During the match, AJ dives on Kevin but Kevin move out of the way & he hit Zayn. AJ was ready for Phenomenal forearm but Zayn distract him from apron. Shane made his way to the ring to call off Zayn from ringside. AJ locked Kevin in Calf Crusher but referees attention was on Sami & Shane. Kevin Takes full advantage of that moment & picks up the win.

After the match Sami & Kevin celebrate the win & laughs on AJ Styles & Shane O McMahon. Shane apologies to AJ Styles for his mistake.






Smackdown Live : 19 December 2017

Smackdown Live

Smackdown Live started with a discussion between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon . Daniel came to the ring for discussing about Clash of Champions . Instead of discussing  he first congratulate WWE for first ever Women  Royal Rumble match. Suddenly Shane had arrived .He came for only one purpose i.e. Clash Of Champions . Shane said that he never shown a beautiful RKO in his life which was delivered to Sami Zayn & when he count 1-2 suddenly you Daniel accidently attacked on me . He was came to know ,  why Daniel puts the count 1-2-3 in  match between the team of Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens and Randy Ortan & Shinsuke Nakamura  . Due to this action Sami & Kevin saved their jobs .

Daniel said in his favor that we build this Smackdown Live for land of opportunity & you made that match personal . If you want to fired someone , please fire me .I doesn’t want to turn Shane O Mac into  Mr. McMahon.

Dolph Ziggler Left his United States Championship

Last week , in Clash of Champions Dolph Ziggler defeat Baron Corbin & Bobby Roode .

This week Dolph came for his Championship title celebration.But his celebration was ruined by WWE universe and he left off his United States title in the ring .

Duo of Charlotte Flair & Naomi v/s Riot Squad

This week, Charlotte & Naomi was team up to take on Riot squad members Ruby Riot & Sarah Logan. At very first of match Sarah is in full control over Charlotte . Sarah keep attacking on Charlotte left leg. Charlotte tried to get her to corner but Sarah make it impossible. When Charlotte made tag to Naomi, WWE ring get electrifying . She delivered a springboard DDT to Sarah & count 1-2 & Ruby saved the match . Charlotte thrown Ruby out of the ring . Liv Morgan distract Naomi but her teammate Sarah accidently gave her a blow. Finally Naomi finishes the job with Booty Drop.

New Day Christmas Celebration

New Day were celebrating Christmas at WWE backstage . They have presents for WWE universe. But Rusev & Aiden English ruined their Celebration . Rusev & Aiden wants a match against New Day & New Day accept their challenge.

This week Xavier & Kofi had their match against the team of Rusev & Aiden.  During the match Rusev & Aiden tried to put some pancakes on Xavier face but their plan had turned back to them . As Kofi and Xavier put Aiden’s face on pancake . And finally Xavier delivered a Elbow Drop from the top rope to Aiden & picks up the win.

6 Men Tag Team Battle

This week , main event of Smackdown Live was a 6 Men Tag team match . The match is between the team of Randy Orton , AJ Styles , Shinsuke Nakamura and team of Jinder Mahal , Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn .

In this match , all 6 men brawl in ring at same time. Randy Orton gave backslam to Jinder over the commentator table. Shinsuke Nakamura fires up in the ring . He was ready to delivered Kinshasa to Sami but Singh Bothers attacked on Nakamura from behind . The referee caught Singh Brothers send them to backstage . Suddenly Randy delivered RKO to Jinder & then Singh Brothers came back . Randy caught Singh Brothers over second rope & delivered a Vintage DDT .Then AJ Styles knocked  out Kevin Owens  with a phenomenal forearm . Finally its time to finish the things off. Shinsuke Nakamura takes his position & finish the job with Kinshasa .

Smackdown Live: 12 December 2017

Phenomenal Start

Smackdown Live start in phenomenal way with AJ Styles.  Two weeks ago, AJ had a match against Singh Brothers in 2 on 1 handicapped match . In that match AJ picks up the win . Jinder  gave Khallas to Singh Brothers after the match .

This week , AJ answered  to WWE universe that he will definitely retain his title in Clash Of Champions. Singh Brothers came to ringside to join AJ’s team & after some time Jinder  came too , then AJ get his hands on Singh Brothers.

Dolph Ziggler v/s Baron Corbin

On WWE Smackdown Live next PPV there is a triple threat match. This match is for United State Championship between Dolph Ziggler , Baron Corbin & Bobby Roode.

This week Baron and Dolph collide in head to head competition & Bobby is special commentator along ring side. Due to Bobby’s interference, match is disqualified .Bobby deliver Glorious DDT to both the man.

Ruby Riot v/s Charlotte Flair

Riot squad from last 2-3 weeks made their impact in Smackdown Women division . During this match , Natalaya is along ring side . Charlotte deliver Natalaya & Riot squad some of her best  shots . Natalaya attacked Charlotte from behind & Charlotte picks up the win by Disqualification.

Riot Squad start assaulting Charlotte outside the ring . Suddenly Naomi came to save her  friend . She deliver Booty Drop to Ruby Riot. When Riot squad is at entrance ramp , other three divas attacked from behind. These divas are Tamina , Carmella & Lana.

Yep!  Movement

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn  started Yep Movement against Shane O Mac. They do not want Shane to be still as their Commissioner .  They call out whole Smackdown roster to arena to support them . But, except of them Daniel Bryan came out. He made a change in Clash Of Champions match  between the duo of Kevin & Sami v/s  Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton . Daniel made himself  a second guest referee in this match .


Smackdown Live : 28 November 2017

Kick Off Show 

Shane O Mac wants to fire Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens but Daniel Bryan went against of it. Daniel Knows these two are big superstar of Smackdown live .

This past week Shane called Daniel to come out to the ring . Shane wants to clear up the matter with him. Daniel made it clear to Shane that if we let them go , RAW will pick them in. These two are the biggest superstar of our show. Shane understand what Daniel wants to  clear. Shane change his plan of firing  them but he is very Disappointed from Kevin & Sami .He made a match between Randy Orton & Kevin Owens in no disqualification match &  Sami Zayn is banned from ring side.

New Day beat Sheldon Benajmin & Chad Cable

From social Media war of words to a Official match all it is of  much fun. New Day has set a match against Sheldon Benjamin & Chad Cable. The Uso joins commentators at ring side. The New day picks up the win over Benjamin via pin fall .

The Bludgeon Brothers defeat The Hype Bros

Two weeks ago , Luke Harper & Erick Rowan made their comeback as The Bludgeon Brothers in epic look. They have a match against The Hype Bros . The Bludgeon Brothers easily defeat the duo of Zack and Mojo . This past week Hype Bros wants a rematch .  Bludgeon Brothers easily picks up the second consecutive victory in a row .

Riott Squad v/s Charlotte, Naomi & Natalaya

Riot Squad made their debut last week . Riot Ruby , Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan’s  called their trio “The Riot Squad”. Riot squad on debut beat the hell out of Samckdown women’s . This week , match between Riot squad and the trio of Charlotte Flair , Naomi & Natalaya was made official. Riot squad made their impact on team of Charlotte , Natalaya & Naomi.

Due to some issues between Charlotte & Natty , Natty left Charlotte & Naomi against Riot squad . Naomi  & Charlotte is in disadvantage . This match was become a 2 on 3 handicap match . Riot squad take the advantage as Liv Morgan & Sarah hit the steel stairs on Naomi face outside the ring.

Now Charlotte has to face three members alone. Due to numbers game Riot squad picks up the win by Ruby hit the overhead wicked kick to Charlotte.

AJ Styles against Singh Brothers in 2 on 1 Handicap match

Before the match starts , Jinder Mahal attacked on AJ Styles. AJ fight back but can’t be able to  do anything against numbers game.

When match starts , Sunil & Samir get their hands on AJ Styles. AJ trying to fight back but Sunil & Samir keep AJ on knees. AJ styles show why he is WWE Champion. He defeat Sunil & Samir . AJ deliver Style Clash from second rope to Samir onto Sunil .

When match ends Jinder wants to get his hand on AJ from behind . But AJ roll out of ring before  Jinder grab him . Frustrated Jinder deliver khallas to Sunil & Samir.

No Disqualification Match

From  beginning to the end of the match , Randy Orton dominates over Kevin Owens but can’t make it to victory as Sami Zayn inter fare in the match . Sami waiting for right moment & he get the moment when Kevin & Randy are on ramp . He hit steel chair on Randy , targeting his left leg. Randy tries to fight back but Kevin takes the advantage of his injured leg. Kevin hit a super kick on Orton’s face & deliver a frog splash from top rope.