NXT : 13 December 2017

Andrade “Cien” Almas  v/s Fabian Aichner

Andrade became the champion by defeating Drew McIntyre at NXT Takeover .The match against Fabian is  Andrade first match after becoming NXT Champion. Fabian is the superstar with muscular body & natural talent. But his talent didn’t work at all against the champ Andrade “Cien” Almas . Andrade deliver Hammerlock DDT to pick up the win .

Goosebumps Moments of the match

  1. Knee Breaker by Fabian
  2. Springboard Plancha over the top rope by Fabian
  3. Springboard Tornado DDT by Fabian

4. Powerbomb to Andrade for two count

5.Fabian through the steel stairs due to distraction made by Zega

6.Hammerlock DDT to Fabian Aichner

Tag Team Match

This week Authors of Pain have their match against the duo of Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. Both Danny Burch & Oney  Lorcan shocked the WWE universe . They fight as no one can expect . They  dominate  from the start of the match . Danny and Oney , both came into the ring & rocking Authors of Pain with uppercuts.

If any other tag team gets that rocking uppercuts they will came to their knee but  Akam & Rezar doesn’t get much impact from that move. Authors of Pain fight back with a thunderous supercollider close line. They claim the victory –delivered Last Chapter.

Goosebumps Moments of the Match

  1. Back to back uppercuts to Authors of Pain
  2. Huge close lines to Danny & Oney
  3. Double Power bomb by Authors of Pain
  4. Last Chapter to finish the job .

Ember Moon v/s Peyton Royce

Ember Moon is the current NXT Women Champion . She got what she is capable of . At NXT Takover  she won the NXT championship in Fatal 4 match . Peyton Royce is also a part of Fatal 4 way match, that’s why she want a match against Moon . This was hard fought match for Moon but she finishes the job with her stunning Eclipse.

After the match finished ,not wasting much time Kay unleashed on Moon .Peyton also joins the party . Moon goes off feet . Peyton slams Moon’s face over Kay’s knee. Nikki Cross (Sanity Member) came to get her hand on Iconic duo . She cleared what she want from Moon after saving her.

Goosebumps Moments of the match

  1. Moon from the top rope
  2. Peyton’s super kicks
  3. Moon’s Stunning Eclipse
  4. Billie attacked from behind
  5. Nikki Cross saved Moon
Aleister Black v/s Adam Cole

Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish were banned from ringside as per William instruction. Adam had to face Black alone. Black is undefeated in NXT since his debut.

At very first of the match Adam doing some fun with Black but Black doesn’t liked it. He threw Cole out off the ring. Black want to finish the job early in the match as he tries to deliver Black Mass . But Cole nearly escape from it.

Adam Cole fought back with super kicks & hit a neck-breaker over the knee. Adam tried to deliver a spin kick but Black dodged from it . At the end Aliester Black finished the job with Black Mass.

Goosebumps Moments of the Match

  1. Cross face by Adam Cole
  2. Kicks after kicks by Black
  3. Spring board DDT by Cole
  4. Adam jumped from top rope & Black hit a kick on his face
  5. Insecury & backstabber by Adam Cole
  6. Black Claim victory – Black Mass