RAW : 25 December 2017

Hideo Itami v/s Brian Kendrick

Last week Hideo Itami made his debut in RAW. He delivered a clear message : Be afraid of me Cruiserweight Division .Hideo had match this week against Brian Kendrick , Brian was came with a plan .When Hideo start dominating, Gentleman Jack Gallagher distract him & Brian takes advantage . But he can’t make it to victory. Hideo sent Brian to sleep with Go To Sleep and Brian gets a nose & orbital injury due to this move.

Kane v/s  Heath Slater

Last week , Heath Slater and Rhyno had a match against The Revival . They lost their match & Rhyno told Slater that we have to become more toughen & specially you .

This week , Heath Slater had a match against Demon Kane .  Heath Slater prove himself  in this match that he is a tough guy as he show some great moves but Demon finishes the match with a Chokeslam for three. The Demon was not satisfied so he tried to get hands on Rhyno ( Heath Slater Tag Partner) . Kane caught Rhyno for Chokeslam  but Rhyno  get rid of it & fights back . Rhyno takes his position to deliver  a Spear but Kane caught him & successfully delivered Chokeslam .

Curt Hawkins open Challenge

Finn Balor accept Curt Hawkins open challenge .Curt Hawkins wants to broke his losing streak but Finn can’t  make it happen. Balor with a double foot on Curt chest & then delivered Kris Kringle Blush to finish the things off.So, Finn Balor defeat Curt Hawkins & Curt continue  his 146th consecutive losing streak .

Woken Matt Hardy’s Destruction

The fight between Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt was a word war but now this week it was became a battle. This week Bray Wyatt said that his fireflies will overcome Woken Warriors . Then Bray Wyatt made his way to the ring but when he entered into the ring Matt attacked on from behind. Luckily Wyatt dodged from a Twist of Fate & goes out of the ring. Matt led WWE universe to Delete Chant.

Six Men  34th Street Fight

Zo Train( Enzo Amore , Ariya Daivari & Drew Ghulak) had a match against Cederic Alexander , Mustafa Ali & Akira Tozawa . Zo train dressed up in Santa’s & Elves Clothes. This match is full of flying moves . Mustafa Ali sets Daivari in pain with Shooting  Star Press from top rope . Ali covers but Drew Ghulak  saved the match up. Akira came in rescue with a steel plate & sent Drew out of ring . Daivari made a tag to Enzo & the match was between Cederic  and Enzo . Ariya Daivari tried to attacked from behind. But Cederic  dodged from it & hit Daivari with a Candy Stick. Cederic finish the job with Lumber Check.

Roman Reigns v/s Samoa Joe

Last week , Samoan submission machine beat up Roman’s Shield Brothers . He tore Dean Ambrose left arm triceps tendon .Roman had a match against Samoa Joe for Intercontinental Championship but Roman was in different mood .He wants to take revenge from Joe for what he did last week .This match was call off by referee due to Roman aggression . When referee call off the match , Roman burst off Joe with two consecutive super man punches. Then he did what Samoa did with Dean & Seth . Roman hit Samoa Joe with steel steps two times & with a steel chair.

Samoa Joe became the winner of this match via disqualification but Roman retain his Intercontinental Championship.

Secret Santa Match

Secret Santa match was fixed by Kurt Angle (General Manager) for Miztourage . Secret Santa was a match in which Miztourage don’t know whom they facing tonight until they came to ring for fight. Secret Santa was Braun Strowman .

Monster among men ruined both Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas. Braun finished the job with running Power Slam. After the bell Monster keep attacking on Bo & Curtis. He delivered one more running Power Slam to both Bo & Curtis .

No One Is Ready for Asuka!

2017 is great year  for Alexa Bliss .Alexa Bliss became Smackdown Live Women’s Champion & now she is RAW Women Champion . This week Alexa had came to arena to talked about Royal Rumble. But there was a twist in story as Asuka had arrived . Asuka said “ No one is ready for Asuka & she announced that she will officially entered into Royal Rumble & definitely win first ever Women Royal Rumble”.Suddenly she hit a lightning fast kick over head to Alexa Bliss .

RAW Tag Team Championship

Seth Rollins wants a revenge from Samoa Joe for what he did last week to Dean Ambrose. And Jason Jordan wants revenge too but Samoa had match this week  against Roman Reigns . So , Kurt Angle made a match between the RAW tag team champs and duo of Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan & tag titles are on the line .

Seth Rollins doesn’t want to team up with Jason Jordan . These two superstar had a conversion in which Seth said – I m doesn’t want to team up with you  because you are not Dean Ambrose . Jordan said -Yeah you are right I m not Dean Ambrose , I m better than him .

When fight is on Seth had a fear to team up with Jordan but Jordan proved him that he is also a tough guy. He Fought very well in match. Some moments occur where Seth gave backup to Jordan & saving the match .Sheamus sent Seth to sleep with Brogue Kick and Cesaro & Sheamus takes the advantage . They delivered a elbow drop from top rope but Seth saves the match up. This match turns into Seth & Jordan favor when Sheamus threw to  Steel steps by Seth . Cesaro caught Rollins with a running European uppercut but Jordan catch him & finish the job with Angle slam neckbreaker hybrid . They became the New RAW Tag Team Champions . Kurt Angle ( father of Jason Jordan) joined New RAW Tag champs in their celebration.