RAW : 8 January 2018

RAW kick off with Roman


This week RAW kick off with The Intercontinental Champion “Roman Reigns”. Roman came to celebrate his victory over Samoa Joe last week. He gave message to all at backstage that 

If u mess with one member of the Shield, you mess with all of us.



Jason Jordan(Tag Champion) ruins Roman’s moment. He’s came to thanks Roman for defeating Samoa. Jason said 

We all are champions and we run this show and we are the most dominant three men team in all WWE






The Balor club joined the party. Finn said 

Jason I have been run with Karl & Luke for 10 years before you knew that Kurt Angle was your dad



Finn was excited because 2018 is the year of Balor club. Luke Gallows told Jason a nerd then Jason slaps him but both team members stopped them to fight.

Kurt Angle made an interference & fixed a main event i.e. a six men tag match. He said 

Oh its true, Its damn true.


Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville v/s Bayley & Sasha Banks

Last week, Sonya Deville , Mandy & Paige defeat Sasha , Bayley & Mickie James in six women tag match. Sonya & Mandy from their entry into RAW gets the attention of everyone. This week they had a match against Sasha Banks & Bayley (two former RAW Women’s Champion).


Sonya & Mandy gets the charm in WWE but this time they knocked out by Sasha & Bayley. The question arise that Sonya & Mandy are nothing without Paige?? Sonya Deville takes off the apron by Bayley & Sasha takes the advantage, delivered a Bank Statement. Finally Sasha Banks & Bayley defeat the Absolution.

Woken Matt Hardy v/s Curt Hawkins


Matt Hardy easily gets a win over Curt Hawkins. Curt Hawkins misses a cross body & Matt Hardy takes the advantage. He delivered a twist of fate to finished the things off.


Bray Wyatt appeared into the ring. Both men did nothing to each other. They just laughed at each other & then run.

Miz is back

Miz is back after few months. These months are hilarious for Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel as their left off. First guest of 2018 Miz TV is Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel. Curtis & Bostart chanting with WWE universe- Thank you Miz. Curtis & Bo came with some gifts for Miz like photo frame, Brand new sports court etc.


Miz said 2017 is good for me but I have got plans for 2018. In 2017 I m the Intercontinental Champion, & I gave Roman to borrow my title. So now I m back to reclaimed my Intercontinental Title & Roman beware of me.

Cederic Alexandra v/s Enzo Amore for Crusierweight Championship


Last week due to illness, Enzo couldn’t made him to fight against Cederic. This week he is fine to compete. After the bell Cederic start dominating over Enzo. Enzo tried to save himself from Cederic’s attack. Enzo face is covered with full of blood. Cederic  takes Enzo down over the top rope. Due to this Enzo gets hurt & couldn’t able to beat the count down. Cederic wins the match via count down.

Braun Strowman Proved why he is Called Monster Among Men


Last week Kane had a chat with Braun for knocking Brock Lesnar down as a team but Braun refused to be a part of his plan. He said “I m able to single handedly crush you and Brock down at Royal Rumble”. After this conversation between two men Kane gets into ring for sending Brock to sleep. He entered into the ring & delivered Brock a Choke Slam but Brock doesn’t get much impact as waked up. He fights back & sends Kane over the top rope. RAW roster came to stop brawling between these two men.


This week, Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar responded to Kane’s attack. But Kane come to attacked again. He jumped at top of stage & both men start brawling at backstage. Braun Strowman collectively took both men down. He threw Brock Lesnar off the Hallway & send Kane through a road crate. Then Braun Strowman  pull down  the backstage rigging on both men. This brutal attack by Braun send Brock en route to Hospital in ambulance & Kane goes with a injury in his leg.

Samoa Joe v/s Rhyno


Samoan Joe is a submission machine. He screwed most of the biggest competitors in RAW Men’s division like Braun, Brock, Roman etc. with his submission move. This week , Samoa Joe set in a match against Rhyno .


After the bell, Rhyno attacked first but Samoa Joe fights back & then he didn’t give any chance to Rhyno to fight back. Samoa delivered a collective package of Kick & Santime. Joe finishes the job with Colquina Clutch.

After winning the match, he told  that he is officially entering in Royal Rumble & his targeted is to first Eliminate the 16 times WWE champion John Cena.

Titus Worldwide v/s The Bar


After the bell, Sheamus show great team work as he sent Apollo on the floor. Apollo hurt his knee as came hard over the top rope. Titus O Neil is distracted by Sheamus & Cesaro take the advantage but he can’t be able to pick up the win as Titus pick the match in his pocket by rolling up. Titus Worldwide defeat Sheamus & Cesaro.

Nia  Jax attacked on Asuka


Asuka had a match against Nia Jax in head to head competition. Asuka made her way to ring. She was at top rope & suddenly Nia appears & caught Asuka from top rope , driving her into the canvas. Then Nia delivered a big splash to Asuka.

Six Men Tag Team Battle


This match is between the Balor Club and RAW Tag Team champions & Roman Reigns.After the bell all six men brawl into the ring .Tag champs & Roman successfully sent Balor Club off the ring. Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins working together to deal with Finn Balor with Shoulder tackle. Then Roman delivered a drive bye to Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows at same time & followed by a suicide dive to Finn Balor.


Roman gets distracted from interference of Luke Gallows & Finn takes the advantage with sleep way. When Karl is came into the ring he delivered a Big Boot to Roman, followed by a superman punch to Luke Gallows. Tag was made to Seth & he launched himself with suicide on Finn and Karl. Then he delivered a suplex followed by a Falcon Arrow. Luke caught Seth from behind & Jason gets first time involved in the match to sent Luke off the ring. Seth made tag to Roman but due to distraction of his own partner, referee didn’t saw the tag was made. So Seth is the legal men inside the ring Luke & Karl made the moment & delivered a Magic Killer to Seth. Roman is pulled out of the ring by Luke & Karl. Roman delivered Karl a Superman punch & then a Spear to Luke Gallows outside the ring. Finn Balor finished the job with Coup de Grace.


After the match, Miztourage attacked on RAW Tag team champions & Roman Reigns from behind. Miz delivered a skull crushing finale to Roman followed by a triple power bomb.