WWE RAW: 18 December 2017

Beast & Carnotte Returns to WWE

This week, Brock Lesnar returns to WWE . He show everyone why he is called himself Beast & Carnotte.

Kurt came to ring to annouce Brock’s opponent . Both Kane & Braun Strowman make their way to the ring . Suddenly Brock had arrived in the arena . All three monster are in the ring ,Kurt made a decision for Universal title . He made a Triple Threat Match for Universal Championship between Brock Lesnar (Champion) , Kane & Braun Strowman . After announcement  Brock delivered closeline to Braun & F5 to Kane .

Goosebumps Moment 

1.Triple threat match at Royal Rumble 2018 between three monsters.

2. Huge collider closeline to Braun strowman by Brock Lesnar

3. F5 delivered to Kane .

Finn Balor v/s Miztourage in 2 on 1 Handicapped Match

This week Balor had his match against the Miztourage . The Miztourage had advantage because this match is 2 on 1 handicap match. Miztourage had a plan against Finn. They tried to grab Finn to their corner but they couldn’t make it .Finn shows some high flying moves . He jump over the top rope on Curtis Axel .

Bo Dallas came into the ring & start assaulting Finn . Referee Disqualified the match .The Miztourage keep attacking on Finn .Suddenly Hideo Itami Arrived  to rescue Finn .

The match was restarted & this match will became a Tag Match . Hideo finishes the job with Go-To- Sleep.

Goosebumps Moment of the Match

  1. Hideo Itami made his debut & came to rescue Finn
  2. Elbow from the top rope by Hideo to Curtis Axel
  3. Double boots to Bo Dallas outside the ring by Finn
  4. Hideo finishes the job with

Cruiserweight Division – #No. 1 Contender Match

This week , Cederic Alexandra faces Drew Ghulak in one on one competition . This match was  for  #No. 1 Contendership  for Cruiserweight Championship .

Drew Ghulak came with Enzo Amore ( Cruiserweight Champion) for match . Enzo Amore joins Michael Cole & party at commentator table. Cederic starts match with a drop kick & he dives over the top rope .Both men are tumbling out the ring & Cederic gets the pain. After a while , Enzo leaves the commentator table , due to this Drew distract . Cederic takes the advantage & delivered a Lumbar Check to picks up a win.

Goosebumps Moment of the Match

  1. Both men tumbling out of ring
  2. Drew Ghulak submission hold
  3. Alexander delivered & finishes the job.
Asuka v/s Alicia Fox

Last Week Asuka had her match against Alicia but that match doesn’t happen  because Absolution attacked Fox backstage .

This week , Asuka & Fox had a rematch . At very first of this match Asuka tried to lock her in submission move but Fox make her to the rope . Alicia fights back but can’t make it to victory due to cross arm breaker submission hold by Asuka.

Goosebumps Moment of the Match

  1. Asuka from the top rope
  2. Overhead kick by Asuka
  3. Submission hold by Asuka
6 Men tag team match

Earlier on this past week RAW , Seth Rollins & Jason Jordon had a match . Seth won that match but Samoa Joe Attacked on both the men .Due to this Kurt sets a 6 men tag match . The match is between the team of Cesaro,Sheamus & Joe  and the team of Seth , Dean & Jordan . During this match Dean had got a arm injury due to this Sheamus takes the advantage & delivered Brougue Kick to Seth . They picks the win via pinfall .

After the match  Cesaro , Sheamus & Joe attacked Seth & Dean at backstage. Samoa Joe Attacked on Dean injured arm .

The Revival returns

The Revival made a surprised return in WWE .They had their match against Rhyno & Heath Slater. The Revival called themselves the “TOP GUYS” .This name suits their ability & talent . They showed their class & what make them the Top Guys . They easily picks up the win –delivered Shatter Machine.

6 Women tag team match

At WWE Tribute to Troops match these 6 women collide in head to head tag match . In that match Absolution successfully grab victory to their home .

This week ,these two teams had a rematch . This match is so physical but this match had been qualified due to Absolution desperate attack on Bayley ,Sasha & Mickie . So according to rules Sasha , Bayley & Mickie James picked up the win by Disqualification .

Stephanie McMahon Surprised Return 

After 6 Women tag match, Absolution keep assaulting their opponent. The whole RAW women roster came to rescue. When all women are brawling , Stephanie made a surprised entry .

Stephanie came up with a huge announcement for Royal Rumble  2018. At Royal Rumble 2018 there will  be a first ever Women Royal Rumble match .#WomenRevolution to #WomenEvolution.