Smackdown Live : 28 November 2017

Kick Off Show 

Shane O Mac wants to fire Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens but Daniel Bryan went against of it. Daniel Knows these two are big superstar of Smackdown live .

This past week Shane called Daniel to come out to the ring . Shane wants to clear up the matter with him. Daniel made it clear to Shane that if we let them go , RAW will pick them in. These two are the biggest superstar of our show. Shane understand what Daniel wants to  clear. Shane change his plan of firing  them but he is very Disappointed from Kevin & Sami .He made a match between Randy Orton & Kevin Owens in no disqualification match &  Sami Zayn is banned from ring side.

New Day beat Sheldon Benajmin & Chad Cable

From social Media war of words to a Official match all it is of  much fun. New Day has set a match against Sheldon Benjamin & Chad Cable. The Uso joins commentators at ring side. The New day picks up the win over Benjamin via pin fall .

The Bludgeon Brothers defeat The Hype Bros

Two weeks ago , Luke Harper & Erick Rowan made their comeback as The Bludgeon Brothers in epic look. They have a match against The Hype Bros . The Bludgeon Brothers easily defeat the duo of Zack and Mojo . This past week Hype Bros wants a rematch .  Bludgeon Brothers easily picks up the second consecutive victory in a row .

Riott Squad v/s Charlotte, Naomi & Natalaya

Riot Squad made their debut last week . Riot Ruby , Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan’s  called their trio “The Riot Squad”. Riot squad on debut beat the hell out of Samckdown women’s . This week , match between Riot squad and the trio of Charlotte Flair , Naomi & Natalaya was made official. Riot squad made their impact on team of Charlotte , Natalaya & Naomi.

Due to some issues between Charlotte & Natty , Natty left Charlotte & Naomi against Riot squad . Naomi  & Charlotte is in disadvantage . This match was become a 2 on 3 handicap match . Riot squad take the advantage as Liv Morgan & Sarah hit the steel stairs on Naomi face outside the ring.

Now Charlotte has to face three members alone. Due to numbers game Riot squad picks up the win by Ruby hit the overhead wicked kick to Charlotte.

AJ Styles against Singh Brothers in 2 on 1 Handicap match

Before the match starts , Jinder Mahal attacked on AJ Styles. AJ fight back but can’t be able to  do anything against numbers game.

When match starts , Sunil & Samir get their hands on AJ Styles. AJ trying to fight back but Sunil & Samir keep AJ on knees. AJ styles show why he is WWE Champion. He defeat Sunil & Samir . AJ deliver Style Clash from second rope to Samir onto Sunil .

When match ends Jinder wants to get his hand on AJ from behind . But AJ roll out of ring before  Jinder grab him . Frustrated Jinder deliver khallas to Sunil & Samir.

No Disqualification Match

From  beginning to the end of the match , Randy Orton dominates over Kevin Owens but can’t make it to victory as Sami Zayn inter fare in the match . Sami waiting for right moment & he get the moment when Kevin & Randy are on ramp . He hit steel chair on Randy , targeting his left leg. Randy tries to fight back but Kevin takes the advantage of his injured leg. Kevin hit a super kick on Orton’s face & deliver a frog splash from top rope.