Smackdown Live : 26 December 2017

Kick Off Show With Daniel Bryan

Smackdown Live Kicks off with Daniel Byran. Daniel was very disappointed from Dolph Ziggler as he left his title in ring & disrespect it. And he didn’t reply Daniel calls & texts . With all in mind Daniel take a huge decision .He made a United State Championship tournament & revealed first match of this tournament which is between Baron Corbin & Bobby Roode .

After the announcement New Day , Shelton Benjamin , Chad Gable , Rusev & Aiden English made their way to ring . They all want a title match against the Usos . Daniel Bryan frustrated from their argument so he made another announcement about #No. 1 Contender match for Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship & this match  was Triple Threat Match . And Daniel said that match was next.

Triple Threat Match

Triple threat match between New Day , Rusev & Aiden English and Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable was an exciting match . This match was led WWE Universe to their feet . These three team showed everything that they have in Triple Threat match. They pulled out every stuff ( moves ) at each other. Tag team champions The Usos are at ring side as guest commentator.

This Triple Threat match was a very physical match as all the team gave their 100% in the match .They showed  great teamwork. Chad Gable delivered a devastating suplex to Big E & Aiden at same time .Rusev caught Xavier & Chad Gable in Ankle Aid but both men survive from it. Shelton Benjamin suffered a devastating spear through rope delivered  by Big E. But Shelton Benjamin doesn’t take too much time to recover. He came into ring and with his partner Chad gave tandem Bulldog to Big E for 1-2-3 .They became the #No. 1 contender for Tag Titles.

Naomi v/s Ruby Riott

After a major announcement – first ever Women Royal Rumble match all women get excited & preparing for it. This week Naomi had a match against Ruby. Ruby is in advantage as Logan & Morgan at her side. After fight is on Naomi was distracted by Morgan & Logan (sent to floor with a elbow). Ruby takes advantage & delivered a overhead kick to Naomi. Finally Ruby finished the job with Riott kick.

After the bell , Riott squad keep assaulting Naomi .Smackdown Women Champion Charlotte came in for rescue but she couldn’t get over numbers game. Natalya , Tamina ,Lana & Carmella made their way to ring . Riott squad hop out of the ring but those four Divas caught them & beat them down.

Bludgeon Brothers v/s Breezango

Breezango was lost their match against Bludgeon Brothers in Clash Of Champions . They had rematch this week but they doesn’t get their revenge as Bludgeon Brothers made another victory in their favor.

Bludgeon Brothers want to get their hands on Breezango but The Ascension saved their friends .The Ascension had a surprised for their friends i.e. another match against Bludgeon Brothers next week.

Bobby Roode v/s Baron Corbin (United State Championship Tournament )

This month was worst for Baron Corbin as he lost his United States Championship & he lost opportunity to go ahead in tournament for U.S. title. Bobby Roode defeated Baron Corbin by quick Roll up. Bobby advances in  tournament .He celebrates his victory in Glorious way .

Jinder Mahal v/s Tye Dillinger (United States Championship Tournament)

Tye Dillinger made his appearance after many weeks in Smackdown Live. He get opportunity to prove & make his spot in Smackdown Live in one night. He had a match against Jinder for United States title tournament in qualifier match.

In comparison Tye has lower strength than Jinder but it doesn’t matter, only thing matter is courage . Tye has enough courage to fight with anyone. This week Tye showed his courage but Singh brothers distract him & Jinder takes advantage. Tye fired back but he was not able to stand after a Khallas . Jinder Mahal covers for 1-2-3 & qualified for next round.

Kevin Owens v/s AJ Styles

During the match, AJ dives on Kevin but Kevin move out of the way & he hit Zayn. AJ was ready for Phenomenal forearm but Zayn distract him from apron. Shane made his way to the ring to call off Zayn from ringside. AJ locked Kevin in Calf Crusher but referees attention was on Sami & Shane. Kevin Takes full advantage of that moment & picks up the win.

After the match Sami & Kevin celebrate the win & laughs on AJ Styles & Shane O McMahon. Shane apologies to AJ Styles for his mistake.