Smackdown Live : 19 December 2017

Smackdown Live

Smackdown Live started with a discussion between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon . Daniel came to the ring for discussing about Clash of Champions . Instead of discussing  he first congratulate WWE for first ever Women  Royal Rumble match. Suddenly Shane had arrived .He came for only one purpose i.e. Clash Of Champions . Shane said that he never shown a beautiful RKO in his life which was delivered to Sami Zayn & when he count 1-2 suddenly you Daniel accidently attacked on me . He was came to know ,  why Daniel puts the count 1-2-3 in  match between the team of Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens and Randy Ortan & Shinsuke Nakamura  . Due to this action Sami & Kevin saved their jobs .

Daniel said in his favor that we build this Smackdown Live for land of opportunity & you made that match personal . If you want to fired someone , please fire me .I doesn’t want to turn Shane O Mac into  Mr. McMahon.

Dolph Ziggler Left his United States Championship

Last week , in Clash of Champions Dolph Ziggler defeat Baron Corbin & Bobby Roode .

This week Dolph came for his Championship title celebration.But his celebration was ruined by WWE universe and he left off his United States title in the ring .

Duo of Charlotte Flair & Naomi v/s Riot Squad

This week, Charlotte & Naomi was team up to take on Riot squad members Ruby Riot & Sarah Logan. At very first of match Sarah is in full control over Charlotte . Sarah keep attacking on Charlotte left leg. Charlotte tried to get her to corner but Sarah make it impossible. When Charlotte made tag to Naomi, WWE ring get electrifying . She delivered a springboard DDT to Sarah & count 1-2 & Ruby saved the match . Charlotte thrown Ruby out of the ring . Liv Morgan distract Naomi but her teammate Sarah accidently gave her a blow. Finally Naomi finishes the job with Booty Drop.

New Day Christmas Celebration

New Day were celebrating Christmas at WWE backstage . They have presents for WWE universe. But Rusev & Aiden English ruined their Celebration . Rusev & Aiden wants a match against New Day & New Day accept their challenge.

This week Xavier & Kofi had their match against the team of Rusev & Aiden.  During the match Rusev & Aiden tried to put some pancakes on Xavier face but their plan had turned back to them . As Kofi and Xavier put Aiden’s face on pancake . And finally Xavier delivered a Elbow Drop from the top rope to Aiden & picks up the win.

6 Men Tag Team Battle

This week , main event of Smackdown Live was a 6 Men Tag team match . The match is between the team of Randy Orton , AJ Styles , Shinsuke Nakamura and team of Jinder Mahal , Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn .

In this match , all 6 men brawl in ring at same time. Randy Orton gave backslam to Jinder over the commentator table. Shinsuke Nakamura fires up in the ring . He was ready to delivered Kinshasa to Sami but Singh Bothers attacked on Nakamura from behind . The referee caught Singh Brothers send them to backstage . Suddenly Randy delivered RKO to Jinder & then Singh Brothers came back . Randy caught Singh Brothers over second rope & delivered a Vintage DDT .Then AJ Styles knocked  out Kevin Owens  with a phenomenal forearm . Finally its time to finish the things off. Shinsuke Nakamura takes his position & finish the job with Kinshasa .